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friday night I got word that an OG that I know passed away damn…. 🙁 he’s as OG as you can get and spent a lot of his life behind bars and every major penitentiary on the west coast…. but he spent also most of his life saving people and getting them clean and sober. […]

super late weekend blog….

yeh, so you already know where my old man mind set is these days…. the type of shit I get excited about now is so different… I woke up at 6:23am because I had italian furniture that was delivered to my home! why? because I’m obsessed like that and had to have it at it’s […]


the final level of the game… and the best weekend wrap ever! now I will have all my professional photos in about 10 days or less which is stupid fast, so let me do this before I do anything. I need to send praise and thanks to the following people BIG TIME! SHOUT OUT AND […]

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