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friday started out with one of the biggest photo shoots of my career… I have done all the regular mags and I don’t take that lightly, but the level of people that “the coveteur” interview or feature on their site is next level…. beyond a good look and I opened up my home for them […]


so if you’re reading this and you think the entry above was spelled wrong, then you need to log off my blog immediately. but yeah, a crazy weekend… and I got to see the homey the weeknd. started out watching The Avengers with my Worldstar fam and we saw the midnight showing and had a […]


taking my life to the next level, the right way…. I never been in a rush before really to actually get married… I’ve liked the idea, but not when I was being pressured or blackmailed…. I’ve never tripped on my age ever. I just love that I got a lot of experience and knowledge under […]

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