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we swagged out just over a week in Antigua, Barbuda, West Indies… aka the Caribbean! it was beautiful! I’ve been to many other parts of the Caribbean, but my first time in the west indies and we had a blast! I love how it says business class but there was only first and coach…. I […]

hangover aka I’m old weekend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! started out with delays at the airport…. I opted out of my first class ticket to fly on the same flight with my bro Rob Kardashian and fuck that, I won’t do it again… I flew home 1st class and didn’t think twice about once we landed in vegas…. thank god I […]


yep…. this is gonna be one of those long blogs…. a lotta pics, a lotta of extra yapping too. so monday morning I was stressed out lightweight and decided I needed a quick getaway…. San Diego weather has been the pits all year long, so I chose Palm Springs since it was hot… for many […]

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