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we swagged out just over a week in Antigua, Barbuda, West Indies… aka the Caribbean! it was beautiful! I’ve been to many other parts of the Caribbean, but my first time in the west indies and we had a blast! I love how it says business class but there was only first and coach…. I […]

5 days south of the border

and man it was waaaay too short because I would love to be there today instead of dealing with this LA traffic fuckery and rain…. can’t complain though, I got a lot of jewelry orders to finish for next week. did I mention that I hate TSA? what a waste of time. I don’t feel […]

cabo san lucas….
la paz, baja california sur

4 days wasn’t enough, but fuck it, I had to get away, I HAD TO JUST TUNE L.A. BULLSHIT & STRESS OUT! I go to Cabo every single year because it’s the only destination 2 hours away from L.A. that really gives you that exotic feel. It’s very expensive if you want to do it […]

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