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1st Weekend Wrap of 2013…

damn, it’s been a minute since one of these too huh? linked up after a long game of phone and text tag that lasted over a year with my dude ASVP Rocky…. that’s a fly motherfucker right there and much love to a real harlem cat walking up in my store in the Slauson way […]


yup Friday was a private VIP showing for the new Revok, Rime and Roid much anticipated gallery show at KNOWN Gallery. so I shot up there to meet some homies and meet up with Just Blaze to give him a piece and he also wanted to meet Revok and check out his work….. this was […]


for those who don’t know about my big homey and mentor in many ways…. well do some research…. and then bow down to my bro and then come through and check him out! Mister cartoon will beholding a seminar on the 25th and 26th of june at 5pm, discussing how lettering impacted his life from […]

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