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well before I left I had to grab some gear from my sponsors…. stopped by Supreme on my way out of Diamond… wanted to use my panoramic feature inside the store… then hit up Factory 413 while they were closed, but Angel and Muska opened up for me this is the back area where the […]

social media and media

it’s crazy, for real though, I’m reading this tabloid blog about my sister’s upcoming show which is the biggest show in her life and to say that is fucking crazy, just flat out crazy. my sister got a degree from Scripps college in political science and shit just didn’t pan out… she knew she’d always […]

recent pick ups (gifts) #OVO #YSL

so I got a few boxes from a few good friends…. GIFTS! first up was a box from Vans Syndicate! and my big homey Mr. Cartoon! I got a few pairs of eras and authentics…. but you guys have seen those, they’re my staple go to rock everyday kicks… MISTER C TOONS! limited edition Mr […]

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