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keeping up with K-Town …

man, I know this weekend update is coming late, but I’m running late smh first time in my blog history that I am blogging 2 weekends in one! cool! not really. I’m just busy as fuck… but this week I don’t have a lot of work, but still running around town like crazy here we […]

MAGIC / S.L.A.T.E. fall 2010

so I will try not to say too much bad, so I’ll keep this blog entry 95% and obviously from my perspective; anyone who got a problem can eat hamster penis’s…. I check into my hotel, upgrade to a corner suite and shit is very official… the only spot I stay in Vegas is the […]


so last night was a battle of the bands type of gig at Vanguard and I had to go to support my fam Kid Sister….. she always knows how to treat me with the VIP styles and I in return have been nothing but that rock…. so the deal was She would perform 3 of […]

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