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town business….

seattle… gotta visit every so often and friendly earth is busier than ever and the work keeps coming so that means I’ll be in the “town” more often… the six, emerald city, 206… Man for domestic flights across the US? nobody can fuck with Virgin and I will always praise them on my blog… their […]

old boy weekend

still adjusting and getting used to this east side of LA life… I like it, quiet. can do what the fuck I want and not worry about neighbors… I’m in that 2nd to right lane and still cruising at 80mph, but the cops ain’t checking for me, so I’ll leave the fast lane for the […]


but no matter what I will never forget. in fact, everywhere I go, it seems as if my dude is next to me or it’s a place me and Jojo shared a laugh or 2. Just hitting vegas for 24 hours felt weird. I got a feeling I’m gonna feel weird for a while (obviously) […]

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