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oh boy! about 100 pics to check out and a whole lot of text! y’all ready? let’s start with new years eve…. in san diego I gotta shout out Dejay for the VIP love and big shout out to my boy Susu for the co-sign… even Diddy shouted me out but I really fuck with […]


damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh? well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will […]


yep, the NEW UNDEFEATED.COM launches tomorrow! since before they even opened their doors, I have been involved with that 5 strike brand. I know there are those who are famous and come by to buy shoes because they were and still are the most legit sneaker account on the earth and now have become a […]

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