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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts 🙂 on the actual day of […]

My semi-actual pseudo pro photography debut

and to be honest… I’m lightweight surprised how these pics came out and also understand again, Rumi Neely is a very big deal in the blogosphere and fashion world and I’m a nobody in that world. Not only am I a nobody in that world, I’m not a photographer and she’s been shot by many […]

APRIL 2ND… new store prices!

so, no more foolery or trickery… it’s april 2nd. guess what? the chain is real. sorry to disappoint y’all. now I don’t care how much they make a year. whether it be 7 million or 9 million. what I do know is that the checks cleared and that’s ALL I care about. now. at the […]

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