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good company, good pickups

I couldn’t have asked for better company or better weather this weekend…. started it out right with watching Ted and that shit was funny as fuck without any leafy medicine. go watch that shit… my wife went to see Magic Mike also this weekend, but any girl in their right mind knows not to ask […]

A Diamond Life….

so this weekend was recovery from the caribbean sun and preparation for our new house…. before I even get to anything else, my brother Nick Diamond had his first seed on Saturday morning at 6:45am! say Hi to Simone!!! congrats again Michelle & Nick so anyways, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know […]


yeah, I have been so in the matrix since the holidays, I’m just barely catching up and catching my breathe for real! So when it came down to my birthday, I just wanted to do nothing but chill. max out, no creativity, no questions, ringer on silent, just talk shit and not do shit but […]

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