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damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh? well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will […]


here we go everyone! EPISODE 3 OF 6! kinda different because out of all the 6 episodes, this one is with a close friend of mine. it’s not so much all about the jewelry, but how I interact with my little brother and seeing Rob get his grown man on. thanks again please tell a […]

while my baby was born…

there was still a lot of jewelry being made, repaired and sold… I only had the store shut down for a day. but London and all my nieces and nephews gotta eat. having a good team is mandatory. so I gotta thank all my friends for the wonderful gift boxes and all. sorry, but I […]

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