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now, this is gonna be in 2 parts because I took well over 100+ pics at the MOCA “Art in the Streets” show which was by far thee best art exhibit I’ve ever been to in my lifetime and I’ve been to all the majors…. yes even the Louvre museum in paris…. this shit was […]

the new IF & Co. webpage

WELCOME EVERYONE! this is a 83% soft launch…. there are small tiny crinks I will update later, but for now I wanted to go live with the page. the Date flag/tags on the side (as you see on the top left of this entry) will show up on each entry on each page after a […]


not that the grammy’s defined exactly what went down with me this weekend… but I did loan out jewels to artists nominated, but really, less and less of the REAL artists rock heavy chains and I’m leaning towards working less and less with loaning anything to rappers, but of course, green is green and we’re […]

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