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5 weeks left . . .

yep, that’s pretty much it. we are counting down the weeks and days! 5 weeks until little London arrives…. could be a little sooner, could be a little later. but I do know he is kicking and elbowing inside Nic’s belly like crazy! so the weekend? chill basic….. but of course, I ate real good…. […]


so if you’re reading this and you think the entry above was spelled wrong, then you need to log off my blog immediately. but yeah, a crazy weekend… and I got to see the homey the weeknd. started out watching The Avengers with my Worldstar fam and we saw the midnight showing and had a […]

the grinch who stole k-town

can’t believe it is almost christmas and I personally don’t care and haven’t been a huge fan of Christmas for over a decade, but I know for all my fam and friends who have big families and kids this shit means the world to them… so as of lately, I have actually been getting into […]

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