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recent pick ups (gifts) #OVO #YSL

so I got a few boxes from a few good friends…. GIFTS! first up was a box from Vans Syndicate! and my big homey Mr. Cartoon! I got a few pairs of eras and authentics…. but you guys have seen those, they’re my staple go to rock everyday kicks… MISTER C TOONS! limited edition Mr […]


yeah, my boy Noah aka “40” from octobers very own “OVO” crew…. 1 of the genius/masterminds behind Drizzy Drake and a very crucial part of his movement, but now with Sade production and well actually before that, he is a super producer! and 40 finally decided he wanted to get Icee Fresh. I don’t think […]

a night out with the OVO crew…. TAKE CARE

that’s all you hear Drizzy say these days…. “TAKE CARE” I haven’t seen my lil homey in a long time… and If I were single and didn’t have much going on in my life personally with family and so busy with work, then I’d say fuck it and literally jump out with my guy on […]

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