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1st Weekend Wrap of 2013…

damn, it’s been a minute since one of these too huh? linked up after a long game of phone and text tag that lasted over a year with my dude ASVP Rocky…. that’s a fly motherfucker right there and much love to a real harlem cat walking up in my store in the Slauson way […]

London is 100 days, Gangster Squad, Rolls Royce on 24″s… a weekend wrap up!

So thursday was a long day…. a rainy day which sucked, but I was at Platinum Motorsport waiting for my car to finally be finished… due to SEMA, my wheels and stuff were delayed which is understandable, but George likes to fuck with me because he knows I’m impatient! Finally at around 5:20pm, my whip […]

Mister Cartoon launches “SANCTIOND” auto

I never blogged the night because 10000 others did. but a cool ass recap much love to my big homey Toons and the whole SA family

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