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the Holidays 2013…

whether you celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah or Christmas, this is such a great season. I know for a lot of people, times are tough. And I wish I could help everyone, but I can’t. I have to take care of the immediate ones, then it trickles down. I have no wise words other than to […]

French Bulldog chains

if you didn’t know already, now you know that… PRO SKATEBOARDER MONEY IS NO JOKE! you know I’ve worked with lots of pro skaters…. but never with a Vert champion like my latest client PLG. he came by way of my brother Nick Diamond and ordered a couple very unique chains and a watch. when […]


I was feelin really RITZy as I should…. we had our bring in the new year party at the Ritz Carlton downtown LA OD on the champagne huh? it’s okay… there were a lotta cabinet space in the hotel suite! on our way to the hotel, had to make a couple random stops… saw this […]