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Eden the Movie, Black Mozart & Fashiontoast weekend wrap

so here goes the weekend wrap and damn I feel great! I am up to date on my blog! before we get started, I’m a grown ass man if you didn’t already know. so with that said, I will be cashing a big check in an hour. I will not be talking about anything else […]

boring ass thursday….

while I wait in the morning for some big news….today and tonight was pretty mellow… I may head out to go see Youth In Revolt… but hmmm. thanks to my homey Spencer Soo who plays on the UCLA Basketball Team, I’m gonna check out the Bruins battle it out against cross town rivals USC this […]


so yesterday I was invited and asked to be a celebrity Judge for the Pepsi, Undefeated, Union LA dunk contest which was held at the London Hotel in west hollywood. it was a dope ass event as soon as you walked into the venue…. this used to be the Bel Age hotel for you OG […]