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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts 🙂 on the actual day of […]


while the hipsters and majority of folks I wanted to avoid were out at coachella, I enjoyed a nice calm L.A. and had a house warming party… small, like 40 people and their kids and it was a great time. I haven’t hosted anything at any home I’ve lived in with that many folks and […]

beats by dre… #LIVECIVIL

man o man where do I really begin? I get so much love now from the beats by dre fam and I got so much love for the beats by dre team…. that there are definite collabs to be made in the future… the Ocho Cinco thing was just the beginning…. I think some of […]

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