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Supra Owen #EARLY

yep… got these joints last week and I’m surprised how comfortable they are and how they’re jumping from being the premier skate shoe to a running shoe? crazy especially since I just started my diet again last week and lost 9lbs. now I gotta start using these for my cardio routine. I like simple classic […]

Supra x Corona… and Captains Swag

so for some early X-Mas gifts, my friends at Supra sent me these last week… (black friday pushed back a lot of things) I have so much more shit to post like the Auto Show and other things (sorry fam) these are clean for my all white linen swag on Miami Beach type shit… or […]


and the best set of Supra’s I’ve seen in a long time! but they have been putting out a lot of FIRE regardless! thank you Joy! don’t know the release date, but I got these last week when I was headed to the studio for Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber and got so excited, they’ve […]

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