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oh boy! about 100 pics to check out and a whole lot of text! y’all ready? let’s start with new years eve…. in san diego I gotta shout out Dejay for the VIP love and big shout out to my boy Susu for the co-sign… even Diddy shouted me out but I really fuck with […]

my nephew turns 1 and we Watch The Throne…

for real though I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I mean, next weekend is christmas! DAMN! I AIN’T EVEN STARTED ANY SHOPPING! but you wanna know what I did start? A WHOLE LOTTA SHIT! haha! I have never got this many emails or texts about a single custom piece since we were making […]


so I had to blog a day late because I was nursing a mean hangover…. my tolerance ain’t what it used to be because I ain’t been ultra hooligan’d out lately….. but last night, I just had to get out…. it was one of those things… I didn’t wanna see any clowns or bozos and […]

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