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YEP for the first time ever, the treated crown will be available to very few people on this earth…. the cult is growing and the fan base is crazy… this time it will be the all Satin Black on Black Treated Crown and I don’t know the exact details on how many will be sold […]

Liquid Gifts…

came back from a quick 2 day babymoon… and there was all types of liquor waiting for me! first off…. damn. remember Damon Dash and Jay Z’s vodka company Armadale? well they’re poppin off again and the alchohol is actually really good. taste wise I fuck with it all the way they sent over 6 […]

my nephew turns 1 and we Watch The Throne…

for real though I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I mean, next weekend is christmas! DAMN! I AIN’T EVEN STARTED ANY SHOPPING! but you wanna know what I did start? A WHOLE LOTTA SHIT! haha! I have never got this many emails or texts about a single custom piece since we were making […]

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