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well before I left I had to grab some gear from my sponsors…. stopped by Supreme on my way out of Diamond… wanted to use my panoramic feature inside the store… then hit up Factory 413 while they were closed, but Angel and Muska opened up for me this is the back area where the […]


taking my life to the next level, the right way…. I never been in a rush before really to actually get married… I’ve liked the idea, but not when I was being pressured or blackmailed…. I’ve never tripped on my age ever. I just love that I got a lot of experience and knowledge under […]

almost 5 years ago….

who woulda thought I would make the transition from DJ and Sneaker Aficionado to a world renown jeweler? my cousin knew from the start…. he’s been doing this hard body since 1996 on his own and working with jewelry since 1990… my uncle since the early 70’s… about 5 years ago we started ICEE FRESH…. […]