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I mean… the baby could be here any day. I’m anxious than a motherfucker and obvi my wife is beyond that and just wants the baby out. we’re 39 weeks right now. so our son will be here shortly! meanwhile. I haven’t been in my store lately because I’m at home waiting for the baby […]

another day

for real…. nothing crazy, but then again, for some peeps, if you were getting a 50+ carat diamond flooded NY fitted cap with some shell toes, then maybe you’d be thinking different? my boy G is about to get a stupid fucking piece here… all the way silly, fully dumb! go headddddd! this is just […]


this post is not about US or ME, because that would be way too obvious…. but this week has been Korean week! from Miami and Hawaii…. let’s just get it on without any extras…. this kid I met in Vegas almost a year ago and lives in Miami hit me up a couple weeks ago […]