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yessir. Wednesday is right around the corner and that’s when we launch my first episode of my show with Pusha T. It’s a 6 min episode and straight to the point… as the season goes on, it gets better and better… make sure you check it out. I have major press from everywhere going hard […]

GEARS OF WAR 3…. (limited edition console)

thank you Microsoft, thank you SA studios (cartoon, estevan, nate, victor, marco & everyone) and I appreciate everyone from xbox360 staff who have allowed me to be one of the tastemakers to always receive things early…. this time around again, I’m in love with this game! so this limited edition console is on sale I […]


but no matter what I will never forget. in fact, everywhere I go, it seems as if my dude is next to me or it’s a place me and Jojo shared a laugh or 2. Just hitting vegas for 24 hours felt weird. I got a feeling I’m gonna feel weird for a while (obviously) […]

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