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at last…

finally; so here’s about 6 weeks of updates and I will be fully caught up to the weekend wrap which I will post tomorrow or the next day!!! WOW! smh there will be food, kicks and jewels and some stories, shit maybe a lot of stories… here we fucking go though when I got back […]

living a dream… and eating good

how’s that? a lot’s going on, but I still can’t believe that fucked up fight. smh. for those who follow me and now to my new, many many new followers (I’m assuming due to trending on and the fact that I called that fix early on the fight, I gained a SHIT ton of […]


while the hipsters and majority of folks I wanted to avoid were out at coachella, I enjoyed a nice calm L.A. and had a house warming party… small, like 40 people and their kids and it was a great time. I haven’t hosted anything at any home I’ve lived in with that many folks and […]

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