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1st Weekend Wrap of 2013…

damn, it’s been a minute since one of these too huh? linked up after a long game of phone and text tag that lasted over a year with my dude ASVP Rocky…. that’s a fly motherfucker right there and much love to a real harlem cat walking up in my store in the Slauson way […]

Liquid Gifts…

came back from a quick 2 day babymoon… and there was all types of liquor waiting for me! first off…. damn. remember Damon Dash and Jay Z’s vodka company Armadale? well they’re poppin off again and the alchohol is actually really good. taste wise I fuck with it all the way they sent over 6 […]

super late weekend blog….

yeh, so you already know where my old man mind set is these days…. the type of shit I get excited about now is so different… I woke up at 6:23am because I had italian furniture that was delivered to my home! why? because I’m obsessed like that and had to have it at it’s […]

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