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it’s crazy, for real though, I’m reading this tabloid blog about my sister’s upcoming show which is the biggest show in her life and to say that is fucking crazy, just flat out crazy. my sister got a degree from Scripps college in political science and shit just didn’t pan out… she knew she’d always […]


friday night I got word that an OG that I know passed away damn…. 🙁 he’s as OG as you can get and spent a lot of his life behind bars and every major penitentiary on the west coast…. but he spent also most of his life saving people and getting them clean and sober. […]

A Diamond Life….

so this weekend was recovery from the caribbean sun and preparation for our new house…. before I even get to anything else, my brother Nick Diamond had his first seed on Saturday morning at 6:45am! say Hi to Simone!!! congrats again Michelle & Nick so anyways, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know […]

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