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I mean… the baby could be here any day. I’m anxious than a motherfucker and obvi my wife is beyond that and just wants the baby out. we’re 39 weeks right now. so our son will be here shortly! meanwhile. I haven’t been in my store lately because I’m at home waiting for the baby […]


so thursday night, I copped a bbq grill… basic 4 burner with a side burner joint and it was cheap as fuck. and end of summer sale. I was really debating between a gas or charcoal grill and then my boys who know me, like really know me, said you ain’t gonna clean that charcoal […]

the new IF & Co. webpage

WELCOME EVERYONE! this is a 83% soft launch…. there are small tiny crinks I will update later, but for now I wanted to go live with the page. the Date flag/tags on the side (as you see on the top left of this entry) will show up on each entry on each page after a […]