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damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh? well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will […]

Fuck a Grammy Weekend

for the first time I did totally the opposite and left LA for a couple days with Nic to get away from the fuckery. and fuckery there was. the ones who love being in my city during these award show weekends really aren’t cats I want to be around, I may know them or I […]

Sam Snead Swagger

and even though it’s different than my mans Sam Sneed, you still better Recognize!!!!! so when you hit a hole in one (on new years eve at that!) you get one of these…. and then when you got the RR and B in the garage and them PING clubs are golden, you cop something like […]

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