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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts 🙂 on the actual day of […]


friday started out with one of the biggest photo shoots of my career… I have done all the regular mags and I don’t take that lightly, but the level of people that “the coveteur” interview or feature on their site is next level…. beyond a good look and I opened up my home for them […]

Fig & Olive Drunk Bored Game Weekend….

So friday was just work and work…. but got it in at Barney’s Green Grass for lunch (1 of my top 10 lunch places in LA for sure) and then at night, couldn’t figure out where to hit so we stayed in…. I got a bottle of Patron Silver and we played Yahtzee because there […]

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