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the Holidays 2013…

whether you celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah or Christmas, this is such a great season. I know for a lot of people, times are tough. And I wish I could help everyone, but I can’t. I have to take care of the immediate ones, then it trickles down. I have no wise words other than to […]

London is 100 days, Gangster Squad, Rolls Royce on 24″s… a weekend wrap up!

So thursday was a long day…. a rainy day which sucked, but I was at Platinum Motorsport waiting for my car to finally be finished… due to SEMA, my wheels and stuff were delayed which is understandable, but George likes to fuck with me because he knows I’m impatient! Finally at around 5:20pm, my whip […]


sorry guys, the site will be live on Monday around noon PST. there were some glitches and extra super fine tuning that needed to happen so it couldn’t go live earlier today… I apologize for my information; my boys are working on it and they want it flawless. they want to make sure you guys […]

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