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a BUSY weekend

shit…. where do I even start? the food? the courtside lakers seats? the jewels? the first pair of Nike’s I’ve worn in over 8 years?? the stories? god damn! seriously though…. I’m at home sick writing this because I have a sore throat and a bad ass cough… I can’t even concentrate so all work […]


so if you’re reading this and you think the entry above was spelled wrong, then you need to log off my blog immediately. but yeah, a crazy weekend… and I got to see the homey the weeknd. started out watching The Avengers with my Worldstar fam and we saw the midnight showing and had a […]

harder to blog these days… but still crazy busy!!!

it really is, I feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter as I wait for my son to arrive and just got so much shit to do and I don’t want to lay this all on my new interns… but still looking for a couple more so if I didn’t contact you, hold […]

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