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at last…

finally; so here’s about 6 weeks of updates and I will be fully caught up to the weekend wrap which I will post tomorrow or the next day!!! WOW! smh there will be food, kicks and jewels and some stories, shit maybe a lot of stories… here we fucking go though when I got back […]


yep, my weekend was boring as fuck… so let’s just talk about some expensive ass frames. expensive vintage frames to be exact. me and Corey Shapiro (vintage frames) have been killin shit to death lately…. we shoulda did this a long time ago. smh but anyways…. we made some Ultra II’s in rose gold, white […]

Fuck a Grammy Weekend

for the first time I did totally the opposite and left LA for a couple days with Nic to get away from the fuckery. and fuckery there was. the ones who love being in my city during these award show weekends really aren’t cats I want to be around, I may know them or I […]

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