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oh boy! about 100 pics to check out and a whole lot of text! y’all ready? let’s start with new years eve…. in san diego I gotta shout out Dejay for the VIP love and big shout out to my boy Susu for the co-sign… even Diddy shouted me out but I really fuck with […]

still Benjamin

no matter what happens, I’m always going to be me. money come, money go… friends come, friends go… I’m Ben, but I’ve been Ben Baller since 93 and Ben Yang since 73. ain’t shit changing but the cars and clothes… speaking of which, I want to really get rid of all of my clothes and […]

shit that doesn’t matter…

it really doesn’t, but it will make for some cool pics no? fuck it…. but if I ever have to beat down my kids with my belt…. they’ll get a designer beat down lol that’s my daily rotation right now…. minus 1 or 2 belts I’m not for designer jeans outside my diamond supply denim […]

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