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so we make some crazy unique custom jewelry… obviously we’ve come a long way since the myspace days when we stunted on cats… but it was on myspace where we debuted our first diamond fitted cap piece with some fully iced out converse chuck taylors…. we then progressed to different kinds of sneakers and earlier […]

harder to blog these days… but still crazy busy!!!

it really is, I feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter as I wait for my son to arrive and just got so much shit to do and I don’t want to lay this all on my new interns… but still looking for a couple more so if I didn’t contact you, hold […]


the final level of the game… and the best weekend wrap ever! now I will have all my professional photos in about 10 days or less which is stupid fast, so let me do this before I do anything. I need to send praise and thanks to the following people BIG TIME! SHOUT OUT AND […]

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