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while my baby was born…

there was still a lot of jewelry being made, repaired and sold… I only had the store shut down for a day. but London and all my nieces and nephews gotta eat. having a good team is mandatory. so I gotta thank all my friends for the wonderful gift boxes and all. sorry, but I […]

keeping up with K-Town …

man, I know this weekend update is coming late, but I’m running late smh first time in my blog history that I am blogging 2 weekends in one! cool! not really. I’m just busy as fuck… but this week I don’t have a lot of work, but still running around town like crazy here we […]


so we make some crazy unique custom jewelry… obviously we’ve come a long way since the myspace days when we stunted on cats… but it was on myspace where we debuted our first diamond fitted cap piece with some fully iced out converse chuck taylors…. we then progressed to different kinds of sneakers and earlier […]

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