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Magic show, Las Vegas. Spring 2013

oh shit! is he back? not fully so yeah, tough as fuck to get my blogs in… I’m really trying. so easy to micro blog and I spoil you guys on there… but yeah, last month was the month for lovers… also my 1 year anniversary of my wedding and a very busy month so […]

while my baby was born…

there was still a lot of jewelry being made, repaired and sold… I only had the store shut down for a day. but London and all my nieces and nephews gotta eat. having a good team is mandatory. so I gotta thank all my friends for the wonderful gift boxes and all. sorry, but I […]


2 words… “SOLD OUT!” I can’t tell y’all how good it feels to see a guy I met inside an apple store who had heard of me via myspace and mutual friends and was very humble….. to tell me he’s rappin and I’m like okay, a couple cats in my ear like “yo the kid […]