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damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh? well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will […]

still Benjamin

no matter what happens, I’m always going to be me. money come, money go… friends come, friends go… I’m Ben, but I’ve been Ben Baller since 93 and Ben Yang since 73. ain’t shit changing but the cars and clothes… speaking of which, I want to really get rid of all of my clothes and […]

Ben Baller reality series press release and my new car

so the HNIC Ben Silverman and my production company Electus put out this press release today…. BEN SILVERMAN TALKS ABOUT “BEN BALLER” REALITY SERIES smh, this is over 3 years in the making and after being on Fuse network, then to MTV to now being on a new google channel, I’m anxious to see the […]

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