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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts 🙂 on the actual day of […]


while the hipsters and majority of folks I wanted to avoid were out at coachella, I enjoyed a nice calm L.A. and had a house warming party… small, like 40 people and their kids and it was a great time. I haven’t hosted anything at any home I’ve lived in with that many folks and […]

weekend wrap

so nothing exciting… surprise! I just chill, work and then kick it some more…. my highlight of the week besides spending time with my love…. was shooting this Samsung Galaxy S2 campaign…. diamond life….. and shout out to Complex magazine! My lil homey Apolo Ohno had a very exciting week though….. he was in NYC […]

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