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damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh? well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will […]


yessir. Wednesday is right around the corner and that’s when we launch my first episode of my show with Pusha T. It’s a 6 min episode and straight to the point… as the season goes on, it gets better and better… make sure you check it out. I have major press from everywhere going hard […]

Chicago Love… JUGRNAUT collab Part I

so I have to say that chicago showed me a LOT of LOVE! first and foremost, thank you to my main man Fats for making the connect and thanks to Manny, Roger and Brian at Jugrnaut and their whole staff…. they run their operation just like any big time street wear brand or store would. […]

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