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I mean… the baby could be here any day. I’m anxious than a motherfucker and obvi my wife is beyond that and just wants the baby out. we’re 39 weeks right now. so our son will be here shortly! meanwhile. I haven’t been in my store lately because I’m at home waiting for the baby […]

pass the heineken… and mind yo business

man I been seein a lotta jibberish about my personal love life on blogs/forums being forwarded to me by friends, fans and lurkers, etc…. (Tila went out hunting for a sugar daddy, Tila’s doin this, Ben’s doin that…. the time and effort spent, even if it was 5 minutes? loser type shit, some things were […]


f.y.i.I knew Biggie, I knew Pac and I still know Puffy and Faith…. shit I even know Gravy(the guy who portrays BIG in the movie) so my opinion is super bias to timelines/dates, etc…. continuity and such…. so my bias and personal opinion of the film, I didn’t like it. I know it wasn’t super […]

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