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the final level of the game… and the best weekend wrap ever! now I will have all my professional photos in about 10 days or less which is stupid fast, so let me do this before I do anything. I need to send praise and thanks to the following people BIG TIME! SHOUT OUT AND […]


so this past weekend, I got a couple goodies from my undefeated family (James, Eddie, KB) and I didn’t blog it because sometimes there’s too much shit going on…. so they made a limited edition run of kicks with Puma it’s the Puma Clyde and there were 100 pairs made for PROMO only…. NOT FOR […]

a short commercial break…. #brisk

sorry everyone… about the AMC blog… this has nothing to do with me getting inebriated last night….. BUT I truly don’t think it’s ready to put out yet, no hype, no build up, but this will be on my blog forever and archived and it’s a good story, some may think it’s a great story […]