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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts 🙂 on the actual day of […]

at last…

finally; so here’s about 6 weeks of updates and I will be fully caught up to the weekend wrap which I will post tomorrow or the next day!!! WOW! smh there will be food, kicks and jewels and some stories, shit maybe a lot of stories… here we fucking go though when I got back […]

Chicago Love… JUGRNAUT collab Part I

so I have to say that chicago showed me a LOT of LOVE! first and foremost, thank you to my main man Fats for making the connect and thanks to Manny, Roger and Brian at Jugrnaut and their whole staff…. they run their operation just like any big time street wear brand or store would. […]

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