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a BUSY weekend

shit…. where do I even start? the food? the courtside lakers seats? the jewels? the first pair of Nike’s I’ve worn in over 8 years?? the stories? god damn! seriously though…. I’m at home sick writing this because I have a sore throat and a bad ass cough… I can’t even concentrate so all work […]

A Diamond Life….

so this weekend was recovery from the caribbean sun and preparation for our new house…. before I even get to anything else, my brother Nick Diamond had his first seed on Saturday morning at 6:45am! say Hi to Simone!!! congrats again Michelle & Nick so anyways, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know […]


(click on images to enlarge) I still have about 3 left to add tomorrow from my shop… but I’m fucking psyched to have my living room back! hopefully my boy Rex finds me a nice 65″ LED 3-D TV now… there’s like 4 random 1000% be@rbricks left that I’m on the hunt for and after […]

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