KAWS XX Hennessy

August 24, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 6 comments

a lotta cats are posting their pics of their new quickstrike bottles of the Hennessy x KAWS collab,

but are they posting the pics of them with their KAWS art?

or their 4fters?

or 1000%’s?

some close ups

thank you Coltrane! thank you Jane!
thank you team Epiphany!

too bad, i’ll have to wait to cop some other bottles… this one is being kept in the collection!

so I want to post some jewels too…

we made a solid gold piggy bank…

with diamond eyeballs

I don’t know if it was the angle or lighting, but I couldn’t get the writing of “Rich Little Piggy” out too well, but it’s lasered on there perfectly!

not made for anyone in particular. just a store piece, something clean and simple…. sort of a korean thing with how we give these to kids on their 1st birthday.

should have some cool shit to show you guys soon.



August 22, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 10 comments


Friday was a private VIP showing for the new Revok, Rime and Roid much anticipated gallery show at KNOWN Gallery. so I shot up there to meet some homies and meet up with Just Blaze to give him a piece and he also wanted to meet Revok and check out his work….. this was like a 25-30 person invite only event, so it was really chill with a open bar and good company. it was from 5pm to 8pm

fresh outta jail lookin like a rockstar! FREE REVOK!

the quiet guy…. but very powerful; my boy Aaron who founded and owns Agenda Trade show. very smart and a very nice guy.

the most famous jewish graf artist I know, Tal…. with Aaron and Pete Wentz

Angel(SUPRA/KR3W), the man of the night REVOK!, me and Pro Snowboarder Louie Vito

like I said, Just came by to support…. and he copped a few things from the show

(my favorite pieces of the show, but already sold the second I got in)

all 3 guys have totally different styles, but all from the same AWR crew. mad props, much love….

After that, I went to go check on my boy Boog who was working next door and I decided to get something I should have got a long time ago…..

but I forgot I left something inside the gallery! haha
so Boog finished my tattoo no joke inside 15 minutes!!!!

came out clean! I can’t believe I didn’t do this 5 years ago…. but this is my company, my lifeline “IF”
I’ll post more info about my dude later in this entry

so I ran into the gallery next door with no shirt on lol….

Just Blaze, KC(owner of the gallery) and me flossing my town

I actually got to chop it up with KC for 30 minutes or so about shit that occurred 25 years ago! we talked about friends who passed to graffiti to when I used to DJ and he’d come by and a whole lotta shit and how the game has changed. really good chopping it up with you G and I appreciate the love.

they gave out giftbags but I didn’t get one, all good, RVCA was one of the sponsors so that was cool…..

After I was tatted, the show ended…. I walked up to Diamond and even though they were closed… I saw Sagan closing out and some cats hanging out…. since there was no parking on the block, I parked in Nick Diamonds spot lol…. all good, he was gone at the SADE concert… so I took my lil dong saeng Tony Tones out to get some dinner and whatever….

we hit the Grove, easy… no smelling like kogi because that’s where we were headed

tony wasn’t playin with that fried chicken and mac and cheese…. I couldn’t have the carbs smh… and their corn bread is CRAY!

but I got it in lightly….

still very low carbs…. you can have fat, but I count carbs ๐Ÿ˜‰

then we walked around… didn’t feel like seeing a movie and really, the grove was dead! we walked into Barnes and Nobles….. and I seen this

Nicolette line LolliMe made it on 2 covers in a month. both the same mag…. but still cool, 2 different bikinis on 2 different models. it’s still 2 covers regardless.

so we left, headed towards downtown to hit up ESPN Zone (shit that boring losers like us do, well Tony isn’t a loser, but…)
ESPN zone was closing in 10 minutes… so I turn down Nipsey’s marathon CD and we say fuck it, let’s turn around and hit up a K-Town cafe and get some boba (what’s most FOBS do, Tony is def a FOB lol)

my boy Brian who owns Haus in K-Town just opened an even waaaaaay bigger cafe on western, just north of 6th street and he has a studio on the 2nd floor too…. I mean this place holds 100 + people easy!

the place was crowded and busy upstairs and in front and inside period… but the back was dead because it wasn’t exactly warm…. but more importantly, I don’t think people knew there was a back patio because the place just opened…. congrat Brian, I wish your business the best.

We jumped in the 7 and out of K-Town… still bumping the marathon…. I dropped Tony off and he helped me out with something lol…. man that is a fucking good kid right there! solid homey!

I turned it in kinda early…. and realized that I didn’t upload pics from my iphone of this new BIG buddha charm we made for a client in the south…..
I’m so mad that I forgot my s95 at home for the jewels and the gallery, but all good…
the pics just don’t do this piece justice! either of the pieces.

again, I wish I had my camera… but this had to be sent out ASAP! and with a saturday delivery and I had to run…. so I know at least he’s enjoying it now and that Buddha is HEAVY! Solid! and a nice italian 14k franco which is so hard to find these days…..

we also made him a yellow gold solid 5 row prong set diamond bead bracelet to match his buddha set up

we ended up dipping the bracelet a little to make it look darker to match the franco and buddha….. so that now he can go get himself a yellow gold big face rolex day date II president to complete his set up

so Saturday….
I grabbed my camera first to make sure I didn’t go to work without it…..
because a fellow NTer Dre aka “the Real Hundreds” copped a yellow gold, yellow diamond Jesus Piece from me

so I tested out the camera to make sure shit was coming out clear….

looks pretty clear to me huh?

so tell me if you can tell the difference….

the buddha was taken with my iphone….
this jesus was taken with my s95

and you know it aint ours if it don’t have that “IF” on the bail!

thanks for your business Dre.

while I was at work taking pics of jewels….

Nic was in the south hamptons getting tan

and after work….. I shot over to the block to see Boog again and the regular opening for the Revok art show was that night and it was a whole different ball game…. most of the art was already sold out from the night before, but damn! it was packed!

I came by to get the rest of my ink done by Boog…. so I walked out of that chaos… then outside people were bugging because anime model Jessica Cambensy was there checking out the art. I literally heard that name being said almost 4 times in 2 minutes….

walked back into the studio, sat in the chair and got a couple tattoo’s touched up that were done 15 + years ago by the legendary Mark Mahoney. I had the areas surround it filled in to make the area complete and also touched up so that it all blended in…. I’ve been wanting to do something in that area for a while now, but never had the time or Cartoon was always so busy…. I really don’t trust too many tattoo artists even though there are so many good ones out there now, but I have a strong loyalty to Toons, it’s just that me and Boog also go back, but it’s a respect thing and I seen a piece he did on someones leg that was CRAY!

so I only have 1 really poorly done tattoo(SNOT), but it’s also one of the most meaningful ones I have and I will eventually get it fixed and touched up…. that’s one of my last things I’ll do…. besides just finally booking a tattoo removal session(YIKES!)

so after a painful 2 hours, here’s what it looks like off my iphone

I got a cali based city scene behind the OG Humphrey Bogart with power lines, palm trees… and even shoes over the power line…. a scroll over the old lettering and a super sick ass diamond with “Diamond Life” written in fancy script…. next to the Bogart, I got 2 tombstones to represent the 2 most important men in my life who passed inside this last year…. 1 was my pops and the other Jonas. and Boog added some smoke too….

if you ever want to get tatted by him or check out his work find him here
and book him for a job here: BOOGTATTOO@YAHOO.COM

for any of you who are still on myspace, he still has one up here:

thanks again family, I appreciate you showin love and hooking up my arm!

after that, I took Boog to Aroma Cafe on Sunset and if you haven’t been there… you need to go!

their Beef Stroganoff is crazy! but I chilled on the wild rice…. I wish it was brown rice.

shot back to the trap and chilled out falling asleep to DVR recorded episode of “Storage Wars”

on Sunday, I woke up early…. headed over to drop off some jewels to my boys at Crooks… then shot back and chilled out watching TV and was on the internet for pretty much the whole day…. grabbed some wingstop (yes chicken wings don’t have carbs, or depending on how you get them, very low carbs) and then watched Entourage and caught up on Jersey Shore(shits getting interesting again)

back on the art tip….
I’m part of a Art Show for some very super triple OG Graf Artists who really ran LA back in the day and got it locked still 20 years later…. my belmont family…. my K2S/STN fam and others and I will showing off a few pieces there.

please check it out and come through if you want to!

and here’s a teaser video for the upcoming show this Saturday Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend….
catch me on Instagram baby…. @benballer



August 19, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 10 comments

a friend of mine came into town to shoot a show he’s working on and they’re on their 2nd season…. it’s a show about DJing and I randomly hit him up so we could link and just catch up since our boy Jonas had past, so I always knew my man Just Blaze was nasty with the beats and his toy, shoe, electronic and especially phone or computer game was ridiculous…. but I never knew dude was deeper than atlantis with the mental……

beyond the materialistic shit, we sat down and chopped it up about a lotta shit. I appreciate the real talk famo, I got you anytime you need something in Cali bro bro

we had a good ass grown men talk for real….

the next day I got back on my grind to see some other producers….
The Stereotypes….
Jon Street from the Stereotypes just welcomed in his 1st son!

so as a gift and for something special…. Far East Movement commissioned me to do a job for their new nephew “Milo” by having me make a “LEGO” piece which is not only meaningful to almost any child, but also the name of their first single off their debut album…. Jon himself actually wore a “LEGO” piece in the music video they just shot, so I already knew…. for an infant? I’m gonna make him the flyest baby out!

this what Proh and Kev sent me


so I had to search and search for the perfect sized LEGO piece for a baby, so that I could cast right off that mold itself…. it was so fucking hard to find in any toys R US or Target…. so I finally went to the glendale galleria LEGO store and found the perfect joint….

and then tadowww!

they wanted a baby sized rope chain to make it HIP HOP…. and everything had to be real gold!
done and done!

much love again to my brothers FM and to Jon and the Stereotypes
god bless!

so after that… I shot over to pick up my new LV hot stamped items…

Jonas gave me that LV iPod case….

I stamped the checkbook and duffle bag keepall tag with BY because I’m not writing checks or getting luggage at the airport as BB ๐Ÿ˜‰
but no biggie…. just wanted to share
thank you Joanna and Josh at Louis Vuitton

after that, I shook over to grab Just because he said he wanted to get a tattoo…. now I didn’t know this was gonna be his first tattoo ever! so I hit up Cartoon but he was obviously locked in and busy as fuck…. and Just wanted to get it done inside a 6 hour timeframe….. so I walked into my boy Norm from Seventh Letter’s tattoo parlor next door to Supreme and Diamond and saw my boy Boog was in town just by chance! Boog was introduced to me by a friend and he GETS DOWN! the tattoo’s that Just were getting weren’t some abstract difficult art, just some easy things that were meaningful to his life…. so I knew Boog could easily smash that out

stopped by Diamond first to get Just laced up with some gear, thanks Nick

and then… it was ink time

when you click this pic, you will see the artwork was on Just’s iPad

this was something significant to his circle of close childhood friends who all said they would get this when they turned 30…. so he did this in honor of them and his boy who just passed RIP

now I can’t believe that he never had this already made…. if you don’t know, then sigh…. there’s a reason why they call him the Megatron Don

I got some more jewelry to post in the weekend wrap up and I don’t think I’ll be making it to magic because of work, but I really want to at least make it for the Crooks x Pangea party at the Palms hardwood suite!

I got to focus on other things, but maybe….

until then,
enjoy this….. for laughs

if you’ve ever ate at Sushi Park before, then you know…. THEY DON’T FUCK AROUND!
NO means NO! lol

speaking of not fucking around…..

that’s what my meals will sorta look like from a while…
I lost 5lbs in the last few days and cut out carbs almost completely… that meal has zero carbs…. there may have been some insignificant amount in the A-1 sauce or ketchup, but no more mexican cokes, all that…. I shoulda did this before, but I gotta lose some of this gut and get my cardio and fitness in order

okay, I gotta get back to work and then I’m gonna catch my boy REVOK’S art show tonight….

peace everyone!