Diamond Pillows

December 15, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 11 comments

in over 2 years of this blog’s history, I have never blogged about pillows. smh
and I’m not even talking about my down pillows with the 800 thread count covers… I’m talking about the hottest christmas gift to anyone just because! they have 4 colorways! but I got 2 of the same… might grab a couple today! They’re made really well and the backs are made of leather!

as I’m typing this blog I’m using them to give me a little back support and they’re working! haha

also had to pick up this new color snapback

last night I went to go see a private IMAX screening of Missions Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol) and the screening was actually held at the IMAX headquarters…. shit was very very fly. music played by my boy DJ SKEE and a lot of familiar faces in the house. I got a tour of the studio and met some very cool people who work there at IMAX but let’s get to the movie. shit was dope! I enjoyed it and especially in that private screening room! it was shot in 2D but shot with an IMAX camera so it was all the way official…. all the crazy hijinks and stunts and damn the dubai and india scenes made me miss traveling! that BMW i8 car is INSANE!

just the fact this gift pack came from IMAX themselves is cool enough for me…. I might have to check out the movie again on my own! it was that entertaining and it was a long movie!
go check it out

shout out to Diamond Supply again and IMAX!

also yesterday had to meet up with some clients… one of them Wale and as I was on the block, I ran into the neighborhood hustler…. Nipsey Hussle

he was shooting a music video and I had to get my cameo on… of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

one of my clients copped a new fat heavy full size jesus piece with an OG cuban

speaking of Jesus’s, we made our first canary diamond baby jesus piece and it’s sitting along a rose gold baby jesus and a yellow gold white VS diamond baby jesus….

we also just got in micro bead chains now finally for our micro jesus pieces! I’ll show a pic after the weekend!

here’s some sneak pics of shit to look forward to next week!

my boy Q finally said fuck this, let me get that World Star chain!

and progress on the Play Cloths “Jack” logo….

this will be finished by next week before xmas & it will be FULLY ICED OUT! ridiculous! in fact Pusha’s in town today…. might have to link up!

peace and enjoy your weekend

my nephew turns 1 and we Watch The Throne…

December 13, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 18 comments

for real though
I can’t believe it’s been a year already!
I mean, next weekend is christmas! DAMN!

but you wanna know what I did start?

I have never got this many emails or texts about a single custom piece since we were making things for Jonas…. almost a year ago it was the Koi fish piece, this time it’s Pusha T’s Keys…. so we’re going to continue on with his next piece which is the “Jack” logo from his brand Play Cloths

that’s not even the complete wax either….. trust me this shit is gonna go hard body!

so it was a rest and relax and work weekend. more jesus pieces, more orders and no going out anywhere….

my boy D Crooks caught the Baby Jesus fever early….. first the black gold with white VS’s and now he’s on that yellow gold to go with his gold roley

shit actually looks dope together

and speaking of that Koi fish….

that shit is crazy….. speaking of custom pieces,
so put your order in NOW!
I am ending this Jesus piece and store inventory sale next week on friday because I leave town to the Bay to spend time with my fam….. so get it in now for real or go back to the normal prices…. (next sale is Valentines Day)

back to Jesus again…..

the young Homey Bieber rocking the Full Size Jesus Piece

on Saturday it was my nephews birthday and he got his swag on EARLY!

my nephew was draped in Gucci from head to toe, from the Gucci 3 piece suit to the custom made gold and diamond GG gucci belt we made him! oh and the blue gucci loafers he had on too ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

my cousin is seriously one of the best dudes I know… so happy for him and his beautiful family. I swear to god, even though he’s younger, his steps have been wiser than mine without all the mistakes I made. this life I live currently couldn’t have happened without him.

that cake was fucking delicious too! chocolate with white frosting. YEAHHHH BUDDY

Levi’s dad and his 2 scumbag uncles!

my uncle was there chillin…. he was the man responsible for all this IF shit. for real though, without him laying the blueprint down, we’d be maybe owning a liquor store somewhere in the hood… NNOTT! (borat voice)

now I’ve seen vintage rings before, but if this ain’t clowning?????
6 individual 1 carat solitaire studs! haha! I think it was set in platinum too!
my uncle is a boss with a capital G!

after all the food and cake, there was a contest with 3 or 4 prizes….. and I never win shit, but I just had a feeling

Lucky #22
and yup…..

came up! on gift cards to my favorite store! haha

then there was a magician who did a bubble show
but what killed me is my nephew came out in his 4th outfit change….

and then he killed the game with the adidas track suit! and his first gold chain with a gold diamond charm

good times with family
went home and me and nic passed out! I took some allergy medicine and that shit ruins me every time I take it. I’m just done for a good 16 hours after.

I woke up too early and real sluggish to head over to make some grills for my boy DJ MANO and Kanye crew…. talked to my boy Mike Dean who I ain’t seen in 13 years! took care of some work at my store and then I watched my bum ass raiders get the dog shit kicked out of them and I couldn’t really say shit to my lil homies Ryan Grant and Charles Woodson because they’re doing what any NFL player would do….. this time I couldn’t watch to the finish, I had to turn that shit off and hit Target up

then it was time to WATCH THE THRONE!

thank you Kanye and thank you DJ MOTHERFUCKING MILLIONAIRE MANO!
tickets, guest passes and All Access!

thank you for the VIP tunnel entrance parking too…. “who’s list are you on?” “I’m on Kanye West’s list” “oh… yes you are, drive down please” ๐Ÿ™‚

walked into the dressing room and chilled out with the fam and they were blowing on some real legit OG kush and we had catering, Veuve and all types of refreshments? we were G.O.O.D.

Nic rocking Mano’s very ultra super rare Chanel frames and then IBN’s jewelry set up

it was time to walk to the stage and we sat right in front of the stage where the family and friend of jay and ye sat…. it was like a re-union…. shout out to my peeps, Kdia, Ricky, John Monopoly, Don C, Jermaine Dupri, Brian P, Hit Boy, Lake Bell, Pharrell, Nas, Anthony Mandler, Nick Hogan, Jay Brown, Tah Tah, Hollywood Holt, my diamond life fam, my platinum motorsport fam and Lupe Fiasco….

right from Jump Nas showed me mad love and we chopped it up throughout the night, he wants to get some more jewels done, so maybe next year you’ll see a new piece….. I got love from Pharrell and we talked briefly about Pusha’s new Keys and then his VVS1 cuban link hurt my eyes…. so I walked away

it was show time

now honestly, one thing that was dope off top, no openers, right into it and fuck the world…..

no cameos when they easily for at least LA, NYC and Chicago shoulda had cameos
and they could have cut out a lot of the bullshit promo shit to push the WTT album but of course they had to…. and another things, mad hits or not, god damn the show was 2 hours and 30 minutes long and I’ve seen both of these guys so many times… I been on tour with jay before, so I don’t know… I think I’m just old and boring now. I was not necessarily forced into going, I had to support my boy Mano, but I had to force Nic to go, I had 2 really great tickets, but twitter didnt work inside with shitty ass ATT, so I didn’t even use my 2 extra tickets that were 6th row from the front stage, I’m talking $1,000 tickets smh

they finished the show with Ni**as in Paris and they performed it 12 times. I knew it was gonna be over 5 because it was LA and the homey Hit Boy was there (mad love, that was dope that yeezy shouted you out crazy)
after the 4th time I wanted to kill myself, like I said, if they did this and cut out like 30 minutes or more of the show? it woulda been all good…. but man I was tired as hell.
we dapped up everyone and did the 57 fake outside the tunnel

woke up with stupid work and stupid deliveries and the shit is carrying over to today, so I had to partially write this blog late last night and finish it this morning smh

back to work

mad love to everyone who really actually reads what my ass does on these boring ass weekends.



December 9, 2011 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 32 comments

that’s my boy’s new moniker, not Pusha T the rapper, but Pusha Keys the Doctor lol.

okay, fuck all that
peep game:
Pusha is not new to jewelry at all, he’s done business with Lorraine Schwartz, done biz with Jacob and has been around and buying high quality jewelry for a very long time, even before his rap career. being close to Pharrell as well, he knows what that shit is you put on your neck while wearing an Alexander Wang t-shirt and something you would never put on a pro-club tee. He gotta always keep the Jesus piece and some other few keys things we’re making right now and he wants to do a fun set up soon too for the 80’s OG’s…. but this time around, we made the classiest piece of jewelry I can say in a long time, classiest piece we’ve made this year and I’m going to fuck around and say this is the best piece of custom jewelry we’ve made all year.

pusha gave me 3 keys and I was like wtf?
he said one thing to me….. “keys open doors”
there are several definitions to that term and if you think about it, nevermind…. shit might be too deep.

but this is what he gave me to start

a standard kwikset, schlage and yale key

I said, okay, you ain’t fucking around….
what we doin?
yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and I want all these bitches flooded. I mean I want both sides flooded with VVS’s and I need these to look classy

so fuck around and 2 weeks later, we made some shit that Ralph Lauren would rock himself….
I’m very proud of the outcome

smh, that is truly beautiful right there… I even offered Pusha a refund and wanted to keep these bitches. He even told me he couldn’t stop looking at them!
so the specs:
14k white gold, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold (the trinity!)
we had to make these keys double the thickness in order to ice out both sides so that we didn’t drill into the opposite sides. the keys are solid too, so they’re heavy. each key has over 6 carats of VVS2/VS1 diamonds on them and the chain we used was a 14K Tiffany Link necklace and he didn’t want to use a bead chain or a cuban or a franco…. not even a custom bullet chain. so that set up was perfect. the pave work if you pay attention is perfect and not even machine set, this was set by my best diamond setter inside my camp and if you look down the stem or leg of each key, he channel set the diamonds. so you have 2 different settings and the outcome is magnificent for real.
we even used a different type of laser for the pieces and lasering was very tough because there was no real estate to laser onto! we iced out almost everything! ha!

thank you Pusha again for your business and we will get this next project on its way RIGHT NOW!

p.s. this ain’t the average rapper, he’s been to france and experienced shit outside the hood and absorbed so much swag that this motherfucker once said, he eats pasta ” Al Dente’ ” smh, you feel me? he on some other shit

peace everyone
and blessings
enjoy your weekend!