1st Weekend Wrap of 2013…

February 18, 2013 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 15 comments

damn, it’s been a minute since one of these too huh?

linked up after a long game of phone and text tag that lasted over a year with my dude ASVP Rocky….

that’s a fly motherfucker right there and much love to a real harlem cat walking up in my store in the Slauson way early before he really really blew up…. shout out to my boy Chace for making it happen. we got a couple dope pieces in the queue

so right before the weekend, celebrity Chef who is blowing the fuck up Eddie Huang and Hennessy invited me to a small private dinner up in the Hills….
I recently met Eddie through my manager and he was a fan of my work and I was a big fan of his and so we connected… the dinner was small. like 20 heads… David Choe, Bobby/Ben Hundreds and Lani of Hellz Bellz, Bam (GPPR) and Bee Nguyen and Tammy Lovemade and my boy Sung of Clae was in the house….

that bottle was crazy…. but Eddie is even crazier!

but what was also crazy was that they gave us real money in the red envelopes… nothing big but still a nice gesture and of course the asian lucky #8

the menu was fly…

the venue was fly… I didn’t snap many pics, I feel weird doing that shit in someone else’s mansion….

and the dopest book on the market with 2 limited edition bottles of Henny ain’t bad!
gung hai fat choy!

stopped by to see my big homey and mentor Mister Cartoon to get my chest finally started on and he got down on the lettering like a true G….

it’s so funny and sad at the same damn time to see so many dumb young kids make the dumbest remarks on things they really have no clue about. what’s worse is what people say they would do if they had money or what not. Oh I wouldn’t get that, if I had this or had that. how about shut the fuck up and talk when you’re in the game, until then sit in the stands… the bleacher seats at that! smh. I’m not one for superstitions or jinx’s. I just ain’t that guy. sidebar: I have never fucked anyone over in my life that really didn’t have it already coming to them… but ironically I don’t believe in karma either. anyways…. shout out to my big bro Cartoon for putting the 2 loves of my life on me… I couldn’t have asked for anything more. the lines are straight and clean.
And to the idiots who mention all these youngster tattoo artists who BITE AND STEAL hand styles and letters shouldn’t talk. just be quiet and watch while the OG’s keep getting money. that’s not only my wife’s name, that’s the mother of my first born child and she was always be his mother. too many stereotypes thrown around when I don’t fit one single stereotype that most people try to aim my way….

oh, some kicks?
I got a late birthday gift from the man the myth the legend: Michael Jordan this past week… delivered via his son Marcus Jordan

thank you MJ and MJ for the fresh ass AJ’s

I got the crimson III’s early, but fuck…. I beat them up already and I had no idea how hard it was to land some 88’s… finally got 3 pairs ๐Ÿ™‚

but you know who else got me a late birthday gift????

ughhhhh! lol

thank you little homey, because you know I wasn’t paying $2,500 to $3,200 for these!

so I guess now to some jewels… even though we have a lot of things in progress and I haven’t had time to post everything… here’s something small…

so now I am making grills for people I know only. and my boy Sean from Diamond ordered a COLD rose gold grill with the open frames.

I’m going to have to jock his style and make these in yellow gold and ice out the borders on the frame and leave the last 2 teeth fully gold and fully iced out! much love young homey, I love where your mind is at and your position with life. it’s great to see you so positive about life!

so I had some issues thursday night as you might remember from my last post… so I decided to cancel a working trip to houston for the nba all star game and I needed to cool off….
so I posted up with wifey and we hit up Coco Laurent finally and man let me tell you. the place has sooo much fucking potential!!! they will obviously catch a ton of Bottega Louie’s overflow, but damn… I was also disappointed in their food. you can’t be right across the street from a place so awesome and have ok food. smh

the food was nothing to write about…

I can’t be mad when this is my view

they need to step up some of their decor… they need a fly ass chandelier and some crazy accents added… the bar is dope, but it needs to face the street instead of the narrow ass hallway… the patio area is so dope and it could have that parisian feel that it wants to be, but they need work. we’ll see what happens

my moms lives pretty close by so I stopped by to say hi and she blessed me with a sick bottle of cognac

this shit is $200 a shot in a club! lol… thanks mom

and that night my mom took me to Mochica a brand new peruvian restaurant downtown and let me tell you. outside it being a little bit on the expensive side? that shit is like Mario’s on steroids and weed. the flavors are more enhanced than any other peruvian restaurant I’ve ever been to. the food was really really really good. damn. but again, small portions and a bit on the $$$ side

today is officially my moms birthday but we celebrated it yesterday at the Bel Air hotel…. and let me tell you, this place is low key, it’s beautiful. expensive as fuck and I like their room service better than the actual restaurant. but oh well….

these 2 things above are the only things worth ordering from their brunch menu. again, the restaurant is pretty but turn around and head over to the polo lounge if you want better food. smh
happy birthday mom!

last but not least….
on saturday night…. I got to get tatted by a very talented tattoo artist by the name of Chuey Quintanar who studied the greats and even though he’s younger than a lot of the greats… he’s been tattooing since he was 14 and his black and grey work is impeccable. He shows mad love to the best and the OG’s that came before him so it’s dope that I got to get in a session with him… he’s down with a lot of my fam and without a blessing from my boy cartoon, I wouldn’t have even sat in his chair…

chuey, my boy, thank you so much. you are so talented and you will go far in life for sure!

for more details go to chueyquintanar.com
or hit up chuey work email

and now I’m off to the city of sin… a city I used to love so much and now I really kinda can’t stand it for the reason that it’s like a big fancier orange county and the clubs are filled with bottle rats who now serve the bottles… girls who couldn’t cut it as models and all under 5’5″ in height so figured lets become legal prostitutes by being a vip hostess/waitress… no thanks
I’m off to work, off to play a little bit, but there to promote my capsule collection with Diamond Supply and my watch with Neff….
catch me walking around magic, or catch me at my party tonight at XS!

I got my boy Diplo spinning and it should be crazy

have a great week! I’ll be back friday



yup… word to Chip Da Ripper

now this was a gentleman and class act.
you gave me, my friends and family so much entertainment.
showtime will forever stay in my memories and maybe your legacy will give us some strength to build a new future lakeshow. god bless. thank you again for the good times
lakers for life


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sometimes you’ve gone too far to quit and other times you’ve worked too hard to continue. it’s a not so fine line. shit is crazy in life…. as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a late bloomer. I feel as if I could have had maybe 1 or 2 more years in college, I could have done something with playing ball, but that’s not how it works… fortunately in business, you have more time than just 4-5 years in college to figure shit out. it was a dream and basketball or football wasn’t in the books, I accepted that.

but now I’m at a crossroads with some things and I just felt like writing about it here.

I have a great family. a wife who has changed my life, she has calmed me down a lot and has given up her own career to hold down the household and of course our son. Business is really good, actually it’s great but I want a little more… so I have my watches dropping this year and 1/2 of my capsule collection with Diamond also releasing which will carry on to 2014 and maybe longer

but with this reality series? it’s not easy. if it was up to me, things would go different, but its a celebrity based show which I fucking hate. it drives me nuts. I honestly hate that part of the show. the part in which I feel is the key to my show is my character, not the celebrity aspect. I feel like I have dumbed so much shit down to cater to an audience which I feel isn’t truly mine. I’m not delusional but to be honest, I try pretty hard to avoid making rappers chains. I think I make maybe 3 to 4 per year at most, the rest is for pro athletes and the super rich and of course there are the hustlers. Of course there isn’t a major rapper or a signed rapper to a major label who doesn’t know my name… that’s not the point. At first going into this show, I made it more about “the lifestyle” not so much the jewelry itself… and that worked for me… but there was a privacy issue with letting people see too much of my private life. again, there is actually a whole lot that I can’t say or post pics about on social networks… these are things I enjoy with my closet of friends or family…. and again, rappers didn’t make my business. its what I allowed you all to see with certain press. they don’t pay my bills though.

so now after a 3rd try, we went to a google premium channel and my deal was to make this a celebrity driven show, not a character driven show. we don’t have wranglers doing any of the work to get my celebs. this is all my work and through my connections and let me tell you, that shit is not easy. Do you know how hard it is to convince a celebrity to be on my show? hey wanna be on my show? well, first off, you have to fucking really famous. 90% of some of my good friends who are famous didn’t even make the cut because my studio needed guys with insane social media status, a few millon or more at least…. okay cool, guess what? so now you have to buy something and most of my jewelry isn’t cheap. next up? I’m at the mercy of their schedule, not mine… I’m always on time and hate being late. these guys, they don’t care and when I put my entire life into this along with work and my other projects and then come home to raise my son it’s exhausting…. why do you think I haven’t been able to blog for almost 2 months? so we’re so close to wrapping up season 2 of my show, but honestly, I’ve lost interest in continuing. the trailer looks fucking amazing. it’s disgustingly awesome. looks better than most movie trailers and my team put in some good work. but getting things together isn’t my job. that’s the producer and studio’s job. the thing is, I don’t want to do shit if It’s all me, if that’s the case, then I need a few more titles and more money and they are paying me a LOT of money. so now I say, fuck the money, fuck the extra work that I won’t do anymore….

I hate the fact that there are always comparisons in life. some have it easy, some have it very hard…. I have bit my tongue when it comes to that k-town show. but let’s be totally brutally real now. you guys kidding me? you get 7 or 8 people who aren’t from LA and put them together when really all of them already know each other and FORCE THEM to interact in a total fake mostly scripted show and think that’s a good look? and about MY TOWN? smh. the difference is. I don’t want to be famous. I never had any aspirations of achieving fame. these guys??? some would give up a limb, but not so much a vital body part, but still a body part to have 4 minutes of real fame. it’s sad. but that’s hollywood and I’ve seen it for decades… I just wanted to have nice shit in life. I think I got that pretty much handled…. but when it came to my show I looked at it as a commercial to push my business and further build my brand and now? I’m exhausted and just want to buy a wingstop and maybe a starbucks and just spend the rest of my time with son and future kids. I’m over it pretty much. some people are thespians and love the craft of acting. I’m not an actor. with reality tv, the thing is, I hate shows like Jersey Shore or Shahs of Sunset. at least with Jersey Shore, these guys weren’t trying to be anything extra. but shahs? makes me sick to my stomach. I know some of these guys too. the reason why they got on the air was because Ryan Seacrest cosigned the show. otherwise they’d be in the k-town show situation. Tyrese and the jersey shore producers couldn’t get it sold and they even wanted to be the “asian jersey shore”??? really? smh. the crazy thing is my show probably relates to asians the least… but again I’m not after the fame. I’m highly attracted to the fortune. only because I worked so hard to give myself a better life and want my son to live a better life than I ever did coming up.

so where am I now in life?
I think this is the time where I go on vacation and chill out from the internet for a little while. At this point in my life, I still don’t expect things to be given to me, but I’ve also worked too hard to wait any longer for things I feel I deserve.

I’m 40 now and I’ve had way more promises broken than delivered to me. that’s life, but when it’s about 90% broken and 10% delivered in regards to any entertainment related business… it’s time to bow out from this shit. and on the flip side. I think I’ve truly delivered about 78% of any promise I’ve made from my teenager days to now to anyone I even slightly cared about. that’s a decent percentage.

I’m tired as fuck…. can’t wait to hit hawaii or europe with my son…. and parts of asia I haven’t been to in 6 years or longer.

so now this is where I’m coming from.
fuck fame, fuck people who are after it. since I was a little kid, I mean like 5 years old, I would hear at least once a month for about 20 years or more that, “oh Ben, you will be somebody famous one day”. why say that to me? I never gave a shit. if I did, I would have taken acting classes and went on auditions…. I never auditioned for every single feature film I’ve been in… but I don’t want to be daniel day lewis. he’s the real deal. I would feel like I cheated the world if I was next to him in a movie scene. I know what lane I need to be in. I don’t want to be on TMZ or US weekly for some gossip or scandal. I want to be able to watch a movie at the Grove or go to the grocery store without being bothered and these days, it’s already getting to the point where I can’t be anywhere semi crowded without being stopped every few minutes. I have a talent. a talent to build excitement. I have a powerful and persuasive voice and I know I’m a character and of course a marketing genius so I don’t feel like I’ve cheated my followers. most of these basic reality stars? they ain’t got shit else going on. no talent. once the show is over, they’re over or until that money runs out. fuck that. I will always hustle and grind til I’m at 10 figures and then? I will finally feel like I can breathe right

I’m grateful for my life. I know I’m blessed, but I busted my ass for every dollar… and I will not flip burgers because I know I have more to offer than that. I am better than that. to not acknowledge that would be foolish. to be real? some folks aren’t better than that, that’s their only option and they aren’t bad people. that’s all.

so I’ve worked this hard on this show…. 4 years and 5 months in the making and all now to pretty much let it go. to gain what? a lesson… you never lose the lesson. what is the lesson? I’m so dizzy and confused, the fuck if I even know…. smh

it’s late. I should at least try to sleep

much love.


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oh boy!
about 100 pics to check out and a whole lot of text!

y’all ready?

let’s start with new years eve…. in san diego
I gotta shout out Dejay for the VIP love and big shout out to my boy Susu for the co-sign…

even Diddy shouted me out

but I really fuck with ciroc doe!

I have to say that Fluxx is definitely the best club in San Diego hands down; Stingeree used to have it, but damn this place felt like Vegas when it was good…. had the ghost parked in front and the bottles are much less at Fluxx than in LA or Vegas… pretty good looking crowd as well. thank god for uber! because shit, I’d be damned if I had to walk 2 blocks in that cold ass weather and being that faded…. we went to 4 places to try to eat and it was either a 45 min wait or they ran out of food. no lie, the famous pizza spot I always go to ran out of dough!! wtf?
we stayed at the Solamar hotel this time and I got the corner suite and honestly? this is considered a 5 star hotel? or a 4.5 star hotel? I understand the US Grant and the Andaz, but smh. this shit was only convenient, not that fly. ok well, the bathroom was pretty nice, but wtf?

anyways, had a great time there for real. the breakfast at the Cottage is seriously one of the best breakfast spots on this side of the hemisphere! and other than that, we didn’t really get to eat all that great due to some bad choices made by friends smh

got back and had to get right back into filming…
I’m sure most of you guys read, but Lexus North America reached out to me and gave me a brand new Lexus LFA to drive for my show…. I think this was the first time they did any product placement for anyone with an urban audience… so I got it in with them. I’m using the car for a couple episodes of the season of my show and fuck it’s faster than I thought…. the car overall is awesome and honestly, when I was coming up, the acura nsx meant the world to me. it really was something that gave ferrari something to scowl or scoff at and now with all the ridiculous shit that is out now with bugatti’s and lambo’s, this new LFA means more than that nsx did in those easier to impress times and that’s saying a lot. shit is crazy loud and feels like a race car. I had to shoot a 5 page feature for DUB Mag as well so I used this car as it’s apart of my fleet for the meantime. much love to Lexus NA

I was filming my 4th episode with Apolo and he came down and was like, you know you will see a Veyron before you see one of these right? crazy though…. next time we have more time I’ll let AAO drive it. shit is mean

quickly back to my Rolls Royce…

I recently had my Ghost tuned by ECU Tuning Group and my boy Jags is a beast!!! he tuned my M5, my R8 and as well as my 7 series and the Bentley…. so he got my big ass heavy ass ghost to these stats here:
717lbs of torque now!
680hp now!!!!
that was a 113 hp gain and 142 lb gain… DAMN!

I went to cars and coffee last weekend, but I’ll get into that for my February blog. (JK, after this I should be caught up to a lot of shit)

also, my contract with Supra ended on Jan 1st and its still all love….
but I did something I haven’t done in a while and that’s rock some Nike’s. if you remember, last year at the OKC vs Lakers playoff game on the floor… I put on some rare Galaxy Foamposites and that was the first time in 8+ years that I rocked something with a swoosh on it and now, it’s been 9+ years since I wore some J’s and BAM!

funny thing is, I got these the first week of Jan and they still haven’t come out yet…
much love to Joseph at NIKE for lacing me with some goods early
a few other things came in and let’s just call them birthday gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

this is the first time I get to rock some KOBE’S and I hear they’re the shit… well these snakeskin Year Of The Snakes are dope af and only were released in asia

the other AF1’s are good kicks, I’m not big on high top AF1’s, but they were gifts and you can’t get mad at that ๐Ÿ˜‰

but these are pretty hard to get huh?

had to break these out at the Laker game…. so they could touch that Staples Center hardwood floor

and then the homey Russell Westbrook had to shit on me with these….

you should already know I don’t fuck with OKC, but those PE III’s are hard fuck!

worldstar life!

we got mad love from damn near both teams who came up to us before the game and right before the 3rd quarter, but I let cats have it… I was talking a gang of shit as usual! and after halftime, perkins came up to me and said you know it’s love, just during the games we get into it. wtf? shut yo big ass up fool!

but guess what? we got killed by OKC ๐Ÿ™
fuck we got our asses whooped so bad, I texted westbrook talking shit and he laughed. fucker
I said, don’t trip, we’ll get you back!

I got to get Q into a quick episode as well on season 2; now we have B-Story lines and the episodes are twice as long… should be interesting as we figure out what network we go to

while Q was in town, he bought some Louis Vuitton luggage and I was like wtf? son, you got for real paper now bro… LV is for bums, that medium style life like mines…. so I took him over to Goyard and he got right!

don’t trip, that’s only the price of a used Prius smh.
goyard or go home! this is real swag champ accessory!

and Q got to spend time with his god son…

my son is growing so fast, it’s not even a game!

he’s the damn same height as a 1000% bearbrick!

and he’s taller and heavier than most 1 year olds I know and is barely 5 months!

shout out to my homey Cartoon for copping this for my son. lol. he said he almost wants to have another kid just so he can see him rock this! I love that cartoon is so OG with shit and if you know old school, then you know hip hop cats were heavy fans of kung fu movies!

that’s my boy!!!

now if you didn’t know….
my collab with Diamond is finally coming out later this year. in fall
I got some samples in and I won’t lie, I’m fucking hyped!

THE CUTTY IMAGE CAME OUT IMPECCABLE! THAT HIGH RESOLUTION PRINTING MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU GOT FOR REAL ICE ON YOUR CHEST! thank you NICK! fuck… we got mens and womens tees, hoodies, crew necks and hats… we going in! magic is next week so if you’re around, come fuck with your boy! I’ll be at the Diamond Booth and also the NEFF booth repping my watch release (sidebar. I have some instores in the bay area, OC and Seattle in april this year)

don’t trip, this sick ass Gold Ben Baller watch drops in Fall too!
stay tuned here for more details!

that grizzly gang is coming for you! and my god, I can’t believe how crazy cubans are back now. I mean they were back a year ago and even 2, but now? shit is fucking mainstream to the maximum when you got Scott Dissick calling you for one every month! and now he’s rocking a silly big miami cuban

and this tee drops in Sept of this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

been rocking my skater side a lot lately….

had gio from the diamond shop set up this board with some cruiser wheels and shot over to Nokia center to meet up with Far East Movement for some lunch… it’s been decades since I rocked a skateboard, so in memory of that, I had to put on some AJ 1’s!

after a good catch up lunch… I had nic meet up with me at Nokia Live and had to have FM take a pic with London


so back to work… the biggest star in the world is who? that’s right Justin Bieber and he gets his jewelry made by who? you already fucking know….

he had us custom make him a totally new mold and new medium sized jesus piece, solid! and in between a full size jesus and baby jesus… the Jesus Bieber piece. shit is dope! it’s the jesus piece on the left and we even got a new sized bead chain to compliment it perfectly! it’s 135 grams total and has 7 carats of them VVS’s in it. so sick…. btw, the right side Jesus piece isn’t to be messed with. that’s the classic full size piece and that’s not just anyone’s piece… that actually belongs to one of the biggest Korean pop stars out there! Jay BUM Park! I fucks with you Dong Saeng!

JB met MJ and had it on when the photos were taken!

damn… history and the future


I made JB 2 new bottom grills… just in case he loses one and guess what? yup, he lost one smh

but he reps me so heavy, it’s all good… he got that micro jesus and that harvey cross!

now that’s a shout out for that ass!!!

and you already know Bieber loves LONDON!
523,000 likes! lol. man

I don’t know what’s going on with all the negative press with JB lately, but I talk to him often and see him when he’s in town and it doesn’t look like he’s falling apart or around some bad influences… shit seems all normal to me, other than the fact that he’s famous as fuck and is worth over 100 million dollars at 18. leave the kid alone and let him do his thing… also he repped my jewelry so tough this past weekend on Saturday Night Live it’s crazy… thank you Justin and the whole team

more randomness?

my boy Rob K stopped by to vent a litle bit and pick up my brothers PS3 game….
playstation allstars battle royale!
we got to catch up a little bit… I fuck with Cabbage Patch heavy and he put me onto it and they got one in DTLA now, so that’s my weekly go to! in the middle of chatting he was like… damn Kanye is going to be my nephews Uncle. yeah he is bro

oh btw, I’m on this month’s XPOZ magazine’s cover and the story was done by my boy Lil Shawn…. def a good read and you can catch it online or pick up a copy at any local southwest newsstand (vegas, AZ)

in the middle of the month, my boy Ryan Grant who plays for Green Bay made it to the playoffs and they hit the bay area and so I said fuck it… let me go support and check my boy out…. I hate the niners, so it wasn’t hard for me to go… only one thing though… it was cold as fuck! and I didn’t pack anything, I just brought some PJ’s and a different tee and drawls… came up with a hoody and some jeans. smh

you already know I only fly first, so why am I showing you this?
because I am a fucking asshole. not really though

I had an amazing view though… no lie, but no time to site see…
me and my boy Nelson met up and hit the mall right off market st…
got a quick bite to eat and tried to find some packers gear, but they had zilch smh… but oh, I did get stopped maybe 5 times in 5 minutes by cats who recognized me… shits always a trip and the Bay is one of my biggest fan bases. so you know that just adds to the love….

so we take uber to candlestick park….
and the fuckery begins

now, those are 2 of the only 3 pics I took that day/night why? because 1 I froze my ass off and the service there is nervous so my batt was dying… I couldn’t risk not being able to not get an uber back and I know when I get to instagramming and tweeting, my shit dies quick as fuck… so I sat there miserable in the high 30 degree weather in a hoody while my boy’s team got beat. smh….

fuck it, I still am grateful, my boy Nelson is a beast on them bikes… and the new terminal for virgin air at SFO is fucking amazing. the nicest airport terminal I have been to in life so far. god damn. the food to the pinkberry and all this other shit in there is just crazy. I got a fucking legit massage while I took pics with some fans.

so shall we get back into some more jewels???


my boy Dillon aka Kid Retro is a beast… and he had us make him a custom sized Harvey Cross with only VVS round diamonds….
now this joint has just over 8 carats and remember, these fuckers are 1/2 carats each in this bitch!!!! in VVS’s? you don’t wanna know that cost…

and to make it harder on y’all… he copped a matching baby jesus with only VVS’s and made it solid! we put it on a 14k solid cuban and called it a day…. not pictured? this sick bastard had me make him an all white 14k set to mirror this!!!! so he got double set ups like his unpolo joints! smh
thank you Dillon!

made a mario star for someone…. all natural canary diamonds and in 14k gold. I personally love this piece and would not have made it on my own, had someone not custom ordered it… because Pharell had it first

remember that commander chief who got a sick ass rose gold piece last month?

well that son of a gun, got a matching yellow gold and white gold joint made too!

December was the busiest December we have had in years. sorry my bad, it was our busiest season ever to date since I became a jeweler!!!!!

my fucking 40th birthday was crazy!

damn. damn



I honestly went back and forth in my mind about this… I said, let’s do something intimate, let’s try that fly new spot Coco Laurent but then, I got texts and more texts from every major club owner in LA to do something…. I figured fuck it, I can’t find a restaurant that will do it for 40 people on a friday or saturday, I don’t want to rent a restaurant out and so I said, let’s keep it in the family and do it at Playhouse. fuck it….
my boy Nick Diamond was in NYC for agenda and he was celebrating his bday there too as well and he went so trill with it, his ass threw up at the table! smh… he also popped 40 bottles of Dom P, as the player pimp should doe!!!!

so I said fuck it… to make matters worse, my boy aka best friend DJ Homicide was djing. fuck
lol. I said as soon as I walk in fam, I wanna hear Chief Keef and I want you to trap that club out so heavy, that the police think it’s a crack house…. we pulled up in car service… wait (do you read that? never in history of me going to a club in LA have I ever taken a car service. especially when I have a house on wheels to push…. but I knew I was going to get fucked up!)
so there is a line around the block to get in and I’m already knowing it’s gonna be a total shit show

okay, lets go!

btw, did I mention that Karrueche Tran was hosting my birthday party? lol we’ll get into that later… I was so faded by the middle of the night I didn’t even get to see her, well I saw her, but I didn’t get to say hi

as soon as we walked into the club, we did 15 bottles off top. 15! I said bring me that Nectar Imperial Rose’ and let’s go!

my wife… always looking lovely; she really thinks in her psychopath mind that she needs to lose weight! lol

my boy Igor had every single waitress, waiter, bartender and barback rocking this tee! much love homey

by this point I was so faded, I can’t even explain myself…. shout out to Jess and my boy Cody who photobombed the fuck out of this pic!

shout out to my boy Timati who showed up. Timati is the biggest rapper in Europe, he’s from Russia and balls hard and is the only rapper to have over 100,000,000 views on youtube. shit is crazy…. it’s been a while, but we finally got to link up…. but who is that next to him?
OH DON’T TRIP. Rihanna just happened to show up to say happy birthday to a baller! lol… what’s the first thing she said to me? “where’s the smoke at N***A???? lol. love her so much more just because she keeps it so hood. and to be honest, she even said fuck it, let’s get ratchet up in here! btw, she stayed until 3:30am smh… we left at 3am lol

oh dont trip, what’s that? more bottles?
lol. I had the entire VIP section roped off and it was only MY FAM there… sucks that Q was in Australia and Nick was in NYC, but I saw how hard Nick went the night before, so I was giving zero fucks! if they were both there, we could have broke a hollywood record and did 100 bottles… but by the end of the night, we did 45 bottles! smfh… this time I didn’t use a credit card, paid cash. fuck it

my boy FATS ordered a bottle so big that it was taller than my mother in law, no lie… shit was so big that 6 waitresses had to carry that bitch in. jesus… I was so faded though that I was on stage acting up on the mic and just doing foolish shit. all my boys showed up though, from the crooks fam, odd future fam, even Sanaa Lathan and some old school record industry folks I fucked with showed up… it was nuts in there

homicide really had it turnt up though

my boy Lucky from the Living Legends who I’ve known for over 25 years showed up with the illest birthday gift ever in life! lol… he said bro, what do you get someone who has everything? A FUCKING MIRROR! I didn’t see Lucky for a while in life and I was reconnected with him through my brother Jonas (RIP) and it’s crazy… on Jonas’s 30th birthday, Lucky gave him the same thing. fucking awesome haha…. oh don’t trip thats just my homey Jermaine Dupri in the reflection of the mirror…. I think these new school kids have no clue about real OG’s…. a cat who produced over 100 million records sold, from rapping to singing to everything. smh, my boy JD is a real mogul and legend in the game and he went out of his way to come fuck with his boy

my platinum family

my wife and the girls….

and then the best part of the night….

this cake was so fucking sick! mannnn
I mean, no lie, this pic sucks, but that shit looked like a real for real big face rolex president! damn, I wish I could say it tasted good because I didn’t even take a bite… smh I was so faded that 1. I pissed on myself, 2. I threw up outside in the back entrance and 3. as I did this, my boy Dillon handed me a bottle of Dom P luminous smh….
at 1:50am they shut down the bottles and me and Dillon ran upstairs to grab the last 3 bottles of Dom P rose and luminous they had… that shit was a battle with my boys who owned the club because of their license…. I dig it. but fuck it was my 40th and I’m not going to be doing a 50th in any club. that’s it…

so me and dillon and some homies chugged that ice cold rose’ down with the quickness

at one point in the night, there were a few tables that tried to order Nectar Imperial Rose’ bottle, but the waitresses told them, sorry, but that table over there bought them all up, so you’re going to have to buy the bottles from them… lol. whoops

I had a blast, don’t remember much after, but what I do know is that I didn’t go to work on friday, fuck the grind. I had the headache no pill could cure smh

that was my friday for real… chillin and coolin

I got a package from Floyd Mayweather that day…

you already know… it’s love
the Money Team!
thanks John and Floyd aka THE CHAMP!

also, my boys Anwar and Joshton peas sent me these dope ass bootleg Hermes tees…

kinda fly… and “shit ain’t funny” on champion tees too!

gifts and more gifts….

I treated myself to something small but big for my bday…
don’t worry, if you don’t know… then you’ll figure it out

and my wife got me something that I’ve been wanting for over a year now. real shit. there is nothing I wanted outside a 458 italia but this big ass expensive candle. I am addicted to any scent for the home that has red currant in it!
thank you baby

on saturday, I hit beverly hills to get some brunch at Barney’s and did some light shopping…. that night was my official birthday dinner and I made it really small. like super intimate

Beverly Hills Polo Lounge swag and when we walked in, Dr. Phil was having dinner with his wife and friends and sent over a nice bottle of wine to us

me and Nick hungover and he was sick, coming from that 19 degree NY weather…

my pretty friends Marianna and Draya showed up to show love

you already know ain’t nothing going down without these 2 crazy solid motherfuckers right here! I love these guys for real. they hold me down like real brothers. ALWAYS!

the food was ridiculous and always is…. and even though it wasn’t that type of night, we still popped 2 bottle of vintage Dom Perignon rose’ lol

fam bam

after that, we headed over to the SLS hotel to keep it going even though I wanted to stay there and keep it classy at 1912, but fuck it… a couple more drinks and bottles at Bazaar and some jokes and shit…. we did keep it light


sunday was my actual birthday and I woke up late as fuck with an odd feeling inside and why? because my Lakers suck so bad and we were playing the Oklahoma Thunder at Staples and my boy Dillon got me courtside seats for my birthday…
oh boy

I wish them seats were face value with as bad as we’re playing these days but against a team like OKC? shittt… try almost triple that price for each ticket smh

from the IE to K-Town…. 2 bosses!

now why is this pic special? because the dude on the left is a fucking quadruple OG and was balling when I was a fucking kid trying to figure out how a VCR works…. he gave me my first big hollywood party which was the official oscars party in 1994! shit, I met quincy jones that night, along with 100 other huge actors like robert deniro etc…. and the guy on the right? duh, he gave me my first shot in hollywood and opened a LOT of doors for me… I remember being at Denzel’s 40th birthday so when I told them it was my bday, they felt old as fuck and were tripping…. but were very proud of my success and things and we had to take a pic

kicks on court…. don’t trip

the TV view

and don’t trip…. Russell Westbrook is my boy but when anyone is playing against the lakers, you are my sworn enemy and before the game it was the same shit… me and KD going at it, he came up to me and was like, why you talk so much shit? my answer? fuck you kevin. lol and me and my boys got so deep in Westbrook’s head that he had a super off night… he couldn’t get into the groove of anything and after a while we got into a bad argument

oh don’t trip… that’s only him pointing at me and the commentators on ESPN were saying that Russell had just got into an altercation with a fan lol…. thanks David Katzenberg for the pic

so after me and westbrook got into it, some OKC fan was talking shit to me… I was gonna beat him fucking head off. he was some nerd really not about that life and talking crazy…. my boy Matt Kemp was like yo chill Ben, you better than that, don’t give this fool any attention bro… so with that altercation and more shit talking to OKC, the police came and the head of staples security

they pulled me to the side and shit got real lol. fuck… they almost kicked my ass out. had I not known John Black and been sitting in very expensive ass seats, I would have been thrown out for sure…. fuck

but guess what?


shit it felt so good…. it was sunny outside and damn, that was just a great game and great way to start my actual birthday off. we jumped into the RR and cruised around staples for a little bit talking shit… I saw some kid who was rocking my Ben Baller jesus piece tee from JUGRNAUT so I honked at him… later he figured out it was me and tweeted me haha

dropped off the homies and got ready for family birthday dinner at Lawry’s….

now as I mentioned before on instagram… this is like a 30 year tradition to come here for my brother and my pops birthday (he passed 2 years ago) and also christmas’s before any of us had our own families…. but no matter what every single year after I was maybe 7 years old, we came here and even when my mom wasn’t doing so well and when we were poor, she worked her 100 hour weeks to make sure we could get this dinner in because that’s how much it meant to her for us to eat well… I love my mom so much for the struggle and I will take London here when he’s older even though my wife is a vegetarian for 11 years now lol

later after dinner, I passed out from a food coma and my wife woke me up around 10pm….
she didn’t forget… I’m not about them fancy cakes from Joans of Magnolia or Sweet Lady Jane… my favorite cake of all time is either that ghetto white cake from the local grocery store or baskin robbins 31 flavors ice cream cake!!!!!!

I’m a lucky guy and Nicolette is an amazing wife and mother

so lastly….
my season 2 is almost done filming wise… just a few more tweaks and things left
but here’s a few shots of some behind the scenes and with a few of the features

the trailer for season 2 should be dropping very soon. like this week… so stay tuned!
season 2 features:
Stevie Williams and DGK team
Mac Miller
Draya Michele
Apolo Ohno
Andy Milonakis
Trinidad James

I’m pretty hyped for this…. it will definitely be much better than the first season!

and btw, if you ever break your iphone 3, 4 or even 5, hit up my boy mobile iphone guy

he pimped me and London’s phone out nicely!
he even fixes ipads…. and he uses OEM parts, so if you crack that beautiful iphone 5 screen? and can’t get with that genius bar? or got no insurance? he’s the solution



sorry, I will try to definitely keep it to once a week at a minimum!