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yep, I didn’t mention these in the weekend wrap up because I got them last week, but have been too busy to open them up! thank you Edison Chen and thank you KB and James Bond! mad love for the parcel from Hong Kong!

enough, just peep game!

of course I love these…. only real real problem is that, I seriously might have to sell all of my bearbricks or find a studio or gallery where I can put them up. I am moving and the house we’re moving to just doesn’t have an area or space to hold these :(….

here’s an updated pic of about 80% of my collection

the rest of my bears are just chillin around the crib in random places


We’re not F-ing Around Weekend

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we really aren’t though… but I’ll get into that in a second….

so the weekend started off with some dipshit who I can’t imagine why follows me to question me about what I do? the only reason why I’m popular is because of Bieber? lol. I met Justin like 5 months ago, so how did I have such a strong following prior to him then? hmmm…. I posted a pic of myself during my college basketball days at SFSU and I stated I played 3 collegiate sports and he was like, bullshit, not all in 1 year, this doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t add up. LISTEN TEST TUBE BABY, you weren’t even in your dads bag, when I was in Baghdad! fucking crumb lol….. smh, how you know what was going on then? and the sad part is he agreed to a $500 paypal bet and lost, anyways…. here’s how I shit on him….

that’s my SF State Varsity Letter (yes you have to letter to get one) and then my NCAA publicity photo… my NCAA NCAC letter of intent and lastly my certificate for placing 2nd in my state conference for wrestling at 167lbs. In college I was 180-185lbs with like 9% body fat and in the best shape of my life before I found mary jane and mushrooms… then it was all downhill…. smh lol but yeah… I would sometimes have to suck 15lbs to make weight before a match and the hard part is that I played basketball which would overlap at times and I was so damn tired all the time….. but I sat the bench tough in basketball, so all G.

after a bunch of work, I hit the block to get some new cut and sew button downs from Diamond…. Agenda wasn’t in my agenda for the day, but again, I’m very proud of Aaron and his crew for what he’s accomplished. He told me he was gonna take over the trade show shit and I didn’t completely believe him because Magic was still strong, but damn… good shit bro! I support you, always have. I just get so tired from walking and talking, I can never really just kick it….. it’s good to see the brands there, but also annoying to see the peddlers who don’t have a booth try to get you to take a pic of you wearing or holding up their brand. Sorry, you gotta have game and that ain’t game.

as I was leaving the block, Crazy ass Tyler was lighting shit on fire

OFWGKTA for real doe…..

so I went home and tried to nap but had more emails to handle….
and then it was 1 of Nic’s 5 BFF’s bday’s…. so we hung out with our extended family which is always nice and chill and fun because they’re so cool and nice and funny as fuck when they’re drunk… didn’t get to see the Lake Show get the W, but they got the W…..

I got my new prescription Warby Parker glasses (thanks cody, thanks coolwhip) and they’re the same prescription as Nic’s eyes…. so we can share them, I only need them at night, but when worn they definitely give me HD vision… sucks man, I got the lexus moonroof hairline (not a drop top yet fuckers) and my vision is getting slightly worse smh…

forgot to mention… see that green tea tempura ice cream cake? yeah, Mila didn’t get to eat it, because I bogarted that whole shit! ahahahhahaha smh, damn, I went IN. sorry Mila, happy birthday <3 anyways, like old folks, me and Nic went home after and then they went out and partied OK NOW this is where we get to the: WE AIN'T FUCKING AROUND PART of the blog! got to the shop and that mustard bottle wax I posted on my instagram feed a couple weeks ago is done! my boy mustard was in such a rush, I only had my iphone to take pics, but it worked out... you'll see. shit is so serious!

yes bitches, the top comes off! it was meant to screw off so he can put some kush or condoms inside that heavy monstrosity of a charm! specs? 600 grams of 10k gold, 105 carats of yellow diamonds and A SHIT LOAD OF LABOR! we’re not fucking around! DJ Mustard is outta control, IF and Co is outta control. this whole situation is outta control! lol (only old school cats will know where that’s from) salute to my boy DJ Mustard and the homey YG…. you know we aim to please!

some more ice….

a new super clean flooded cross. white gold, white diamonds

we got a vintage very rare 24k chain in….

this is pretty much straight up currency on your neck if you buy this, yes other chains are too, but this is .9999 gold, that is pure gold right there, not 18k, not 14k, this is cash growing everyday. so it could be $15,000 or it could be $20,000 and maybe even more…. it’s 200 grams and it’s for sale, remember, gold melt down is a totally different price from what something like this would go for. a $50 american eagle 1oz. gold coin isn’t going to be what gold is that day, there’s alway a premium…. so if you’re interested and serious in a great investment, hit me up and it’s yours. yes again THIS CHAIN IS FOR SALE!

now for those who are still confused after numerous pics on my neck, comparisons…. here is the last pic I will post of the size differences between the Full Jesus, Baby Jesus and Micro Jesus!

get it? got it? gravy

need a bezel for your Rolex or Breitling?

oh and btw, Wifey’s wrist stays on chill. don’t try that at home fellas…. those tennis bracelets are the real deal word to martina navratilova

aite, the rest of the weekend was food and chilling, nothing special. I took a cruise down Ventura Blvd. which I haven’t done in about 7-8 years and it was kinda cool…. but still can’t fuck with the valley. did I mention I need a vacation? oh well can’t take one…. shooting some stuff today for the TV show and I need a massage! and a steam room

peace everyone

2011 to 2012 #NYE

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YES, THIS POST IS LATE! but all good…. it’s here….
and it was a very relaxed and calm, very chill way to bring in the new year…. exactly how I wanted it to go down. the day was beautiful and some of my closest fam or friends either had no baby sitter and wanted to just chill at home or were out of town…. so I invited my cousin and his lady to come through and Nic had her close friends come thru, making it less than a dozen folks bringing in the new year….. also at the last minute one of her best friends had a situation with their baby and I said, fuck this, don’t let that stop you from bringing in 2012 with your fam fam…. we got baby care at the telly! haha, we really did though!

so I got a very decent sized hotel suite with several rooms and we had literally 6 balconies with mad sweeping panoramic views of the westside and multiple bathrooms(very important at a party lol). the room was a little bigger than our home, so it was fine…. the accommodations were proper and the price wasn’t so bad. the 24 hour room service and spa though were on point. I said to myself if I was going to be out of town, then it was going to be someplace tropical and secluded with a handful of extremely close peeps or just me and Nic……

so we checked in, chilled, watched a movie then headed over to the store to grab chips, dip, drinks, mixers… candy, snacks and all types of shit. literally spent $150 at CVS, then a few hundred more on other stuff….. ordered a bunch of pies and wings from BJ’s and that was super on point…. the Oregon Ducks football team btw were staying at our hotel, so I knew it would be quiet the night before the game, no idiot who wants to win is gonna fuck up their night by raging…. so we were swell!

while at CVS, Bieber sent me a text message with a pic of him rocking the Jesus piece and g-shock…. so I sent him this

I didn’t ask anyone to really bring anything except extra booze and if they wanted to, to bring some food or snacks…. we had cakes, pies, sammiches, pizza, wings, chips, M&Ms, mad drinks and about 6 bottles of different flavored vodkas and tequila and of course some champagne for the countdown…. we had so much food, I was mad that we didn’t get to eat it all. I shoulda gave some to the valet while it was still hot…. even after smoke sessions, the munchies weren’t so serious with the folks….

we even had a Wii and a magic mic, but didn’t use either… we just had convo’s and good company and caught up with folks… last time we all got together with this particular group was halloween

so early on…..

little Jesse got to rock the first baby kufi jesus piece before it was time for him to sleep! and me and Nic are dressed ready to drink red champagne…..

the girls are happy… Nic obsessed with her iphone (i’m worse)

time sorta flew by…. and we started at like 7pm!

lovely ladies loungin….

like I said, we had a beautiful view…. in the morning I saw all the way to the ocean…. we had again, stupid amount of balcony space for everyone to chill at and it wasn’t even cold outside

we went downstairs to take some pics in front of the huge xmas tree in the lobby before the countdown….

of all the people, of course we asked an asian girl to take our pic who was sitting at the bar…. a foreigner! and she still fucked up the pic with a swag camera. smh…. but that is the group shot!

my cousin Jeff swang through real quick to countdown with me and I got to chill with my boys Hollywood and Cho who I’ve known for over a decade and know by completely total random coincidence through one of Nic’s BFF’s….

back up….

it was about that time

we had to have Perrier Jouet Rose’ Fleur! and more expensive shit… this wasn’t all the champagne…. and if it was that serious, I had 40 bottles at the crib and the tilt was only 5 min away

after midnight, we all hugged and kissed and toasted

multiple bottles gone fast…. and Bella got it poppin with the robot dance

we all said peace after around 1:30ish and thank god our friends are smart and had designated drivers….. I wanted to keep eating, but I was on a good buzz and couldn’t even stay up long enough to watch a movie… I really wanted to watch “Drive” but nobody else did…. so I said fuck it and took some benedryl and that’s when shit got interesting….. I think I fell asleep halfway into a conversation with Nic’s best friend and then she said I was talking about business in my sleep and wouldn’t let go of the remote… so she got up and tried to take it from me, but I slapped her hand lol…. (we had 2 beds btw, wasn’t that kind of party… she’s my wifes best friend and maid of honor and that’s my homey too) I shouldn’t have taken the benedryl or really I shouldn’t have taken that with all the champagne and then the trees and what not… but Nic woke me up at 7am and I asked her if she was out of her mind. but she said she missed me, so I got up. lol…. but right back to bed after….

when I finally woke up, I saw this

besides wondering why there were any M&M’s or Gummi Savers left…. I want to know why there was pepper in the tray? BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHEN DID I ORDER ROOM SERVICE AND WHY 2 FORKS? why 2 forks doe? lol

we checked out because it was a spectacular day outside…. 78 degrees and we headed to the beach with Nic’s fam for brunch….. then later had dinner with my family at Nate & Al’s and then watched a movie and chilled….
the next day guess what? CHILLED! I haven’t had a couple days off in a while and my favorite thing to do is absolutely nothing…. no creativity, no drama, no questions, no emails, just kick it!

we later went to see the remake of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” because people were raving about it being better than the original…. so I’ll say this, I thought this version “looked” beautiful and better because Fincher is an amazing director, but that shit overall was whatevs… I liked the OG version better. the brutal scenes were much harsher in the euro version and I felt they dumbed down the vulgar scenes, which I believe took away from the realness of the film. but otherwise, WHATEVER!

that’s all….
we made some 14k Scapulars with a diamond border for a dude in the bay and they came out really clean!

these things were super heavy and solid! really clean….

now that’s really it!
2012, back on the grind, shooting my show this month, I was at agenda trade show today and damn I’m so exhausted from just walking and talking…. so damn proud of my boy Aaron who really has THEE biggest streetwear/fashion/skate wear trade show period…. magic is done and ASR past away… I won’t be there tomorrow because I got work and more work…..
This year is going to be better than the last and we just have to make it better and better. better living, better everything.

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