A Diamond Life….

March 12, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 19 comments

so this weekend was recovery from the caribbean sun and preparation for our new house….
before I even get to anything else, my brother Nick Diamond had his first seed on Saturday morning at 6:45am!

say Hi to Simone!!! congrats again Michelle & Nick

so anyways, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know Friday was a very sad day for me…. why? I’ll tell you…. after finding the perfect starter house for our newborn to be and everything else, I tried to find homes with 4 bedrooms that I could knock down a wall in like how my place now is, but it just wasn’t working… there was no real loft area that could take up that much space and still give us everything we need. to be honest, I got lucky by having that big gallery area, so that being 1 reason and this next picture sealed the deal on the main reason why I have to let go of my be@rbrick collection….

my little 1 year old Nephew Jesse came by our home before we left for our honeymoon and he couldn’t stop playing with the be@rs, he was obsessed with them and it was too cute to watch, he kissed them and I’m sure he wanted to take them down from the wall…. so there is NO way I could say NO to my own child, so there is NO way I could keep them really. I wouldn’t want to visit them in a gallery and no gallery would host them for a few years or long period of time, so it’s best to say good bye and sell off the biggest 1000% collection in the states and one of the top 1000% be@rbrick collections in the world.

they’ll be at Guy Hepner Art Gallery until the 23rd. on the 22nd of this month (a thursday) we will have a big event in honor of the installation and there will be cocktails and things served….

here’s me taking the wall down on friday

we had to have a special transport come get these that could insure these for over $50,000 and they were only going about 6 blocks away…. so imagine how much that cost? I wasn’t gonna take the risk. For those of you who collect art or know about rare or expensive art, Guy Hepner is one of the premier art dealers for people like Banksy, Warhol, Basquiat and at one point for a while was 1 of only 2 people who sold David LaChapelle… but he sells so much more too and he gets it done EARLY! he’s sold Kaws and 4 foot companions for higher than anyone else, his demographic and client list is the elite of elitists! so they’re not tripping or trying to get deals. but this collection will go for a fair value considering it took me since 2003 to build and these were shipped from all over the place, from paris to london to hong kong and tokyo! just shipping on the be@rs cost me over $4,000 easy over the past years…. so now that they’re all in 1 place, this is an impressive collection for any art lover to have in their home. He doesn’t cater to the hypebeast or sneakerhead crowd at all. I thought hard about keeping the Chanel bearbrick, but the collection wouldn’t be complete without her…. in fact, when the courier took all the be@rs, I drove Coco Chanel myself to the gallery…

Cocos last ride in the R8 ๐Ÿ™

guy did a great job replicating my wall at home and he built it even longer so it could accodate all the bears… he had it built really fast too. but it looks so much better a little longer as shown and with everything up evenly

so me and Nic went and got some dinner and I was depressed… but knew my 39 year old big kid ass had to grow up… I didn’t feel like doing shit and I didn’t even feel like eating anywhere really nice… so after we finished a meal at CPK, I drove over to the gallery to check out my bears…

smh, the best thing about this situation is that I don’t need the money, so it’ll go to the right owner

walked into my home and seen this and freaked out…

๐Ÿ™ every time I walk into my place since friday I bug out seeing that open wall!

so as I previously mentioned, I am posting more pics out of the several hundred we have from our wedding…. these are Art Torres top picks. I left out a lot of the pics and some personal ones, but these are the rest that I want to show unless later I feel like posting more, but these are ready to go….

NOW BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER…. I have to say a big thank you to Emilyn from “LOVE EM SWEET” desserts for the wonderful dessert table. they really had better desserts than our wedding cake and our wedding cake was crazy! the cake pops and brownies were incredible! and I heard the cup cakes were too, but I didn’t have any. by the end of the night there was nothing left!!! thank you so much for your competitive pricing and amazing set up! it was awesome! to book them for an event, go to we will definitely use you guys again for any event we have!

now… back to the party!

I gotta say, people are still talking about our wedding and damn it was a wonderful day!
thanks to Art Torres and Tony Chu for capturing it… I appreciate the hard work and talent you put behind our big day! much love and respect….

now while I was in the caribbean chillin…. something else was chillin back home!

3 more members of the Worldstar family are getting chains this week! and I can’t wait to show y’all my Worldstar chain which is almost finished… you know I had to throw my little swag touch on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. I always forget to post pick ups nowadays… and that’s important, not only for my sponsors, but my followers like to know what I’m rocking even though 90% of it is Diamond Supply…

I got the new diamond embroidered logo crew neck, the newest hoody and a patch logo crew and of course more argyle socks! I love them shits! but I also got some new dope “Illest” socks and a new ILLEST hoody courtesy of my man Mark Arsenal… also got a super fucking dope cheetah FAME (hall of fame) logo tee and another HOF tee that I’m rocking right now and a dope ass WB “Warn A Brotha” snap back also from Hall Of Fame…..

last but not least, shout out to my boy Brandon who laced me with my PS VITA 3G/WIFI joint a couple weeks ago that I am just breaking out now! I shoulda opened that bitch before the honeymoon!

thanks BC!

okay, got work, paint and movers to get on



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we swagged out just over a week in Antigua, Barbuda, West Indies… aka the Caribbean! it was beautiful! I’ve been to many other parts of the Caribbean, but my first time in the west indies and we had a blast!

I love how it says business class but there was only first and coach…. I swear man, American needs to step up their First class game up heavy. the AA flight to NYC was super fly, but the one to Antigua was okay. obviously better than coach for a long ass flight especially when you’re 6 feet or taller.

got there and the airport was like most of the other airports in the caribbean, mad small and crazy under developed, but its all good

on the way to our resort… were some beautiful sites

there were a lot of nice homes in our area and some modern ones being built and also some that looked like the people ran out of money to finish their home so they were just sitting there in ruins ๐Ÿ™

our driver for the whole trip: Mr. Red Rose was the illest!!!!! he held us down heavy! and this was right when we hit the corner going down into our resort

the lobby and entrance looked like Nic’s family neighborhood of Makati in the Philippines with beautiful landscaping and big ass palm & coconut trees and everything was so well manicured.

our room wasn’t ready, so we waited a sec

diamond life…. got some caribbean punch and chilled for a minute….

don’t trip, it’s only 87 degrees out and around 90% humidity which means it’s hong kong hot and humid and I’m wearing the thickest possible sweats (David Beckham collection by Adidas, thanks James Bond) {release date Dec. 12} so I’m dying of heat…

a real quick note about our resort Blue Waters Antigua and Cove suites…. Blue Waters itself is a 4.5 star resort and the normal rooms are nice I’m sure, but there are 4 villas and we had 1 of them, those are “the Cove Suites” and that is 5 star for sure, but whether you were staying in the regular area or the villas, the service was TOP TEN for sure. after the first few minutes of meeting any staff, they remembered my name and they could have been the most polite staff members ever. now also take note that 95% of the guests here were older british folk, I’m assuming because this is a british territory and they have a direct flight from Heathrow. but these snobby english people did nothing but stare and snare at us. ask me if I gave a fuck? lol… also, we had our own private pool area and didn’t have to use the main area too often…..

that’s the view of our Villa, 4 couples per Villa and I’d say it was like 15,000 sq feet inside total, so the rooms were spacious as fuck… there was one 2 story villa which I’m sure shit on everyone elses, but we didn’t get that one. haha

I love bossy ass shit like this! real keys… one for the private bathroom by our private pool house and one for the fridge and obviously the last one for the room…

we walked in and HOT DAMN!

walk a little closer….

fuck it, lets go outside and get even closer…


the honeymoon suite… our bathroom was fucking awesome, the bed was plush and everything was so nice except for the 24″ computer monitor size tv in front of the bed and the 32″ flat screen in the living room. smh. but I guess folks don’t care too much about tv’s in the caribbean? eh, you can’t win them all…

we said F waiting around, let’s get it in asap

this was a private beach right in front of our villa pool….

now depending on how the sun was hitting the water, it changed the colors of the water…. speaking of water? it wasn’t super warm, but it was I’d say in the high 60’s and 100% swimmable

all that weight I lost for the wedding…. smh, gained all that shit back before we even went on vacation! haha. ask me if I care? there were old dudes there with 12 month pregnant sized bellys

back to our pool….

view of our private pool area which was so damn nice and then a view of our Villa from the pool side

cold chillin… over that caribbean sea!

the first night we got there, we ate at the Palm which is the main restaurant inside the resort and for a basic ass meal that was comparable to a buffet at a 3 star resort in Vegas, it was like $200 US, so I said fuck this, let’s only do room service and hit the town for dinners… but Antigua isn’t known for their food really…. I mean of course their seafood was great. but everything was more home cooked tasting, not gourmet. It was all good regardless.

how can you wake up depressed when you look outside your bedside window and see this shit???? huh? I swear everytime me or Nic walked out of the bathroom or off the bed and looked outside we stopped in awe

time to head to the beach!

there are a LOT of beaches on the island, there’s a lot of beautiful sites too, but inside 1 week, we didn’t feel like driving to every single one. Also the Queen was there, so the day we wanted to hit the English Harbor we couldn’t because she had the navy and all types of shit shut down… we wanted to eat at the Admirals Inn, but maybe next time

for the most part, we ate room service or at the hotel for breakfast and snacks and we always had dinner elsewhere….

there’s this one spot about 15 minutes from our resort on the beach called “Coconut Grove” and I liked that spot the best.

that jerk pork and that chicken pasta were not like something you would taste at grand lux or cpk… totally difference spices and I love me some caribbean food!

we watched a movie in our room and then zzzzz……

woke up the next morning to this

this was definitely in my top 2 most awesome breakfast’s ever in my lifetime (#1 would be in the south of france in St. Tropez looking over the french riviera eating literally the best tasting and looking food I’ve ever had in my life) but this was right there with it…. the view and just the fact that this was the honeymoon breakfast and we had everything we could want literally and of course I had the champagne

all that with that view? and on our balcony? mannn

We went into town and checked out the shopping and things at the main downtown area of St. Johns called Heritage Quay and there was this one street called Redcliffe which was pretty much like Melrose for them

this spot actually had official Rolex presi’s for a damn good price! but I feel like, copping a $30,000 watch on an island? naw I’m good

this t-shirt right above was funny as fuck…

so after we copped some cool souvenirs for our new house and for our fam/friends… we headed back to the resort

it’s crazy… but KFC is a big deal out there in Antigua, they have 3 of them on the island… mind you, there are only 2 stop lights on the entire island!!! lol. we didn’t try KFC, it’s all good lol

back at heaven’s garden lol….

we got back and didn’t know what to do on most days, just chilling and looking out was beyond good enough. the weather and atmosphere clouds up your brain and you can’t decide what your next move is

you know I love me some foreign snacks!

Antigua’s local brewed beer… it was really mild

I love sunsets regardless, especially the ones at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles lmao… but seriously, the sunsets in the caribbean are just spectacular!

we went back into town and had dinner at a local favorite spot called Hemingway’s… which used to be a hotel that Ernest Hemingway actually stayed at

I swear man this butter was all over the island! now the food was good here too, not great, but the company and warm vibe is the shit everywhere on the island…. also, on sundays, NOTHING IS OPEN! pretty much on every night though, shit is shut down around 9pm or 10pm unless you want to hit the main casino’s which I wouldn’t even think of betting at. I just don’t trust it.

btw, if you want to hit the other caribbean islands up, most are within 25 minutes to an hour max away! and the cost is not bad at all to jump on a jet and just go!

I guess with the prices being so fair, they don’t spend any money on any high tech signs to let you know when you’re plane is boarding! lol haha

sorry about the PJ’s but she just got off the PJ! haha

we’re off to Dickenson Bay!

there were all types of vendors, but the difference between here and cabo or cancun or any mexican beach is that these guys weren’t super aggressive, you could say no and it was all good. in cabo? smh, they’ll hound you til you’re almost bummed out.

do you even know how hard it is to cut open a coconut with a machete’? smh, this dude was holding shit down! and it was like only $5…. too bad I HATE COCONUT ANYTHING! I don’t give a shit if it’s super healthy and good for you. I just hate the taste and lightweight hate the smell….

now I’m not much for being on a catamaran or big boats with tons of people… but I do like yachts obviously and there were some silly $20,000,000+ ones there, not many like in the south of france or Mykonos…. but I love a dope ass water taxi or renting a small 4 passenger boat like this for an hour or 2 and you can swag around the whole island pretty much… or at least hit mad different corners and see a lot from a whole different angle. there were helicopter rides too but I didn’t get on one. I think Nic’s belly couldn’t handle that either

we ate at this one spot called “Le Bistro” and it’s a french restaurant and one of the flyest in all of Antigua….

I ate a whole lotta pork on this trip! damn… let’s not even get started on how much pork I consumed at breakfast each day. man!

every day and every night at our resort, there was some sort of entertainment and we didn’t partake in any of it lol….

but we did eat a snack there everyday and breakfast each morning

this is where we ate breakfast each morning

and our view from breakfast each morning…

the resort had a few cats

not bottle cats, but cool ass cats that hung out by the pool. ate shit, drank water outta the heavily chlorine’d pool water smh. this cat above was the owner of the resorts cat and you can tell she was well taken care of, well groomed too

and this is Jet, he was a bad motherfucking black cat that had scars all over his face, but was really cool too…. you know what wasn’t cool? seeing so many stray dogs all over the island and even big ass Horses, yes HORSES tied to posts on the side of the road that could have been stolen easily…. the cattle looked skinny around the farms we drove by, but I guess I’m just used to fat ass cows and shit because we’re from the FAT country.

just off the side of our resort was an area where people get married and it was beautiful… so we chilled there and checked out the sea from there

this area also separated the beach into 2 parts…

we could see our villa from here… it’s the furthest one to the left out of the 3 big villas

we went back to Coconut Grove a couple times and we met couples who ate there like 8 times in 1 week! it was definitely good!

they always had fresh lobster when other restaurants didn’t… and they had that local Susies hot sauce which was just perfect with everything!

on our last day on the island, we just chilled out at our resort and soaked up the caribbean sun… it was only a week we were there, but damn, it felt like forever. I was relaxed and also ready to get back on my grind!

we got our the plane and hit Miami in under 4 hours….
at MIA, we hit gold

fucked up some chili cheese dogs while Nic watched me. lol… she had some non beef related food, but we also ate on first class….

got back to LAX safely… our new fresh ass Ducati edition TUMI luggage compliments of my fam FATS landed safely with those red priority 1st class tags lol….

and when I got back my phone updated to this new ios 5.1 and it gave me this bootleg fake ass 4G service

I swear ever since I updated it, it’s been fucking up!

oh well…. gotta have the iphone period! the ipad3? I don’t really care about it… but I’ll probably get one lol…

when we landed back, I got a text from my money team fam and headed straight over to chill with the champ and watch him train…

now back on my super grind, married, baby on the way and new house, I’m focused on some whole other shit on a whole different level!

peace everyone and god bless….

oh and there are more wedding pics, those were just teasers. I’ll post more soon and to my fam, almost all of them will be on my personal FB (yup, I’m back on FB, but I have 4,100 friend requests, so I’m def. not adding anyone else)

have a wavy weekend!

shout out to the whole Blue Waters Antigua staff and mad love and respect and shout out to our driver RED ROSE!!!!!



February 28, 2012 โ‹… by Ben Baller โ‹… 48 comments

the final level of the game… and the best weekend wrap ever!
now I will have all my professional photos in about 10 days or less which is stupid fast, so let me do this before I do anything. I need to send praise and thanks to the following people BIG TIME!

WOW. JUST FUCKING WOW! amazing job you guys, I hope to get you much business as you are the best wedding photographers in the game right now!

you completed my camera crew as the bad motherfuckers who came to clean house! I cannot wait to see the video! you guys are something else!
seriously though, my camera crew from photos to videos were the dream team for real!

thank you to my man for 2 decades… DJ Coolwhip aka the eye doctor!
you came through like Kobe in the Clutch! wow! all the audio! the mixing board! the sound and equipment all by your damn self!!!!! I owe you crazy fam! thank you 100,000,000 times!

the others who were glue to this amazing and beautiful wedding! our wedding coordinator: Vic Perez(greenlight entertainment enterprise) without him expediting our wishes and demands and truly organizing all this together, this would have been a disaster! THANK YOU VIC!

much love to our co-host and main entertainment: Antoinette Taus wow! angelic voice for real! your entrance serenade to our ceremony got me real emotional and that set the tone and energy for the entire evening! I owe you as well!

and to our MC: TK Tony Nguyen, bro, I had my doubts about you. I actually side-eyed you when you walked in because I didn’t think you could pull it off, but you proved me wrong and now I get to beat your head in. thank you so much and the way you handled those wedding crashers? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wow! you escorted them out like they were some cockroaches! at a 5 star hotel!! smh! glad you won that premium LE XBOX 360 bro! much love and let’s get some Pho soon!

And lastly to our amazing Photo Booth vendor! Wackyface Photobooth wow times a billion!!!!! you guys broke the ice and lightened up the entire party! you were one of the highlights of the night! everyone loved you guys and you guys were a hit! thank you so much. I’ve had some amazing photobooth experiences from clients & friends like Ice T and Coco’s wedding to Paris Hiltons halloween party and you guys killed their photobooths!!!! slayed them. not even competition! thank you!

so with the thank you’s, I will briefly break down that this wedding was seriously everything I could have wanted and it was more than I asked for. I obviously can’t tell you all enough how coveted and how sacred marriage is to me. But I want to share this with my readers because I never thought growing up that I could afford a fancy wedding. I have never been scared to marry, I just never met the right one…. but I waited a long time and for the right time, when it’s right, it’s right. and I was in no rush to get married, but you don’t pass up on something this wonderful so even after a postponed wedding in september due to my best friend/best man passing, we went with February 25th. Nic wasn’t having some vegas wedding or a walk to the courthouse… she’s dreamed of this day all her life since she was a little girl…. so I wanted to give her what she wanted. and this set date was before the NBA lockout was over and due to that NBA lockout ending, the all star game date was set the same day, leaving about 12 guests in my already very very small party not being able to attend due to the fact that a majority of their yearly income depends on all star weekend, so fuck it… I know we will celebrate another time. so with that, we had a very small intimate 87 person wedding and at a beautiful venue(CASA DEL MAR in Santa Monica Beach, CA)
let me start by saying that this wedding was expensive. it stressed Nic and myself out big time and without Vic’s help, this might not have happened the way we wanted it to. We went all out with everything. held no bars, veuve and dom p rose champagne flowing stupid…. flowers on another level, lighting, tables, chairs, place settings …. I mean we went down to the special table cloth even for our wedding. and still I had doubts and anxiety about it being just right. I was nervous as shit the day before, not only because the time flew by so fast, but a majority reason why we were so stressed out was because the Hotel catering department that handled the logistics of our wedding at the Casa Del Mar should be fired for being the worst possible staff in professional and wedding history. I won’t get too deep in how disrespectful they were, but booking an event on the same day as ours with a 1 hour lead time to get ready? really? on the actual day of, we had extra workers and they worked super hard and super fast and this was a very small wedding and we didn’t even use the 2 extra spaces in the main ballroom and it still took over 2.5 hours to set up properly! unbelievable… thank god the “day of” staff and management canceled that event and thanks to the actual help who work there were on point and I thank them and MY team for coming together to give us the most amazing wedding a newlywed couple could hope for. Our beachfront suite was also incredible, wow. that amazing view! and the bathroom to the 1000+ thread count sheets and actual bed and everything in our room was heavenly. the room service was incredible and the hotels restaurant and bar are all top notch. but the most important parts being our event/catering host for the hotel: Elizabeth Mendel was just flat out awful, her back up Helena was terrible too. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! that is all I have to say that is bad about the wedding because the outcome was lovely and ONLY because we turned it up and around!

here are a few very choice early pictures from Tony Chu… there will be more to come and of course photos from the genius of Art Torres soon!

enjoy: (in chronological order)

the girls and Nic took a long time to get ready…. lol
bridesmaids: Mila, Masha, Sara & Bella(maid of honor)

I got ready quick!

I was antsy! and anxious!!!
groomsmen: Johnny, Steve, Vince & David(my brother & best man)

and this is just one shot, one angle of the wedding rings…

I love my wedding ring! damn; 27 diamonds, all bezel set flawlessly with 9 diamonds going around evenly in a full revolution eternity style and then a diamond on each end of the each side of the ring going down symmetrically. Definitely the classiest ring I’ve ever made for any man. I got the inspiration off a magazine I was reading while taking a deuce at our new years eve penthouse suite lol! of course 18k yellow gold and again… so damn classy! I will wait for more professional pics of the wedding rings, then post my own up-close joints for y’all to see! and of course Nic’s wedding band is the classic eternity style as well, but all VVS’s and all french pave’/prong set and set in platinum! and that could be the best picture of any ring I’ve ever seen that we made. shit looks straight out of a HW catalog. super clean!

the ceremony was beautiful… so elegant…

it was unforgettable

then it was party time…
(so many pics that need to fill in the space, but here’s a few for now)

my little nieces were fist pumping! #partyrockin

we had a little limbo…. some busted their ass, some didn’t lol

we had a raffle and most importantly, we had a LOT of fun!
here’s some of the key photobooth pics! courtesy of Wacky Photobooth! please like their FB page! I’m asking you!

again, please like their facebook page! thank you Wackyface Photobooth!

there are so many pictures of the wedding on instagram, but I didn’t get to take any at all! I did keep a couple that I will post now, but it really is only a few and I want to wait to post the professional pictures only because it does my wedding true justice!

that was 35 minutes prior to the actual walking down the aisle! some of my fam and Nic’s fam there early and wow again, the place was so beautiful!

me and Nic cutting the cake! yes we had diamonds on our shit! mane! by this time we literally had no room left to eat… I had few bites and the cake was good, but I was drunk as hell and full from the delicious amazing food and damn I missed the cocktail hour! the hor dourves were incredible, but I only had a few bites! ๐Ÿ™ haha…. and I didn’t know until after that most people only do a 1 hour open bar and then from there it’s a hosted bar or a pay on your own bar… I’m the asshole who has a 6 hour OPEN PREMIUM BAR! and Rose’ flowing!!! haha, smh! oh well. everyone had a damn good time! we stayed til midnight and left when we got asked to leave! lol

I’m most proud of Cat Dicc Jr. this motherfucker might be giving me a job in a few years smh… fool walked in like he owned the place. smh and much love to George and Jack from Platinum having the front of the hotel stunted out crazy! the SLR/Aventador boys don’t play! and the hotel was stupid packed already due to the spirit awards party! saw seth rogan and kate beckinsale walking around and the upstairs bar was crazy!

again, the night ended so fast, I was spinning but I was high off of life. I never thought I would actually get married before I was 40, but my lifestyle has changed so much in the last 3 years… slowed down a LOT and got my grown man all the way on. late, but that’s ok though! and man, the party continued in our suite and I got to bed late and we still had 2 jeroboams left! shit was lightweight crackin! haha… I have never been happier in my life, I have never seen my mother happier in my entire life… my in laws are incredible! I love them to death. I always look forward to spending time with them and they know how to party! they also have great strong family values.

the highlight of the evening was me making my special announcement after the first dance…. yep, we’re having our first baby (due in august) a DRAGON! we find out the sex/gender very soon! I posted a pic on instagram of the ultrasound from over a month ago, but here’s one from just over a week ago:

we had to wait until we were well into our 2nd trimester before we let anyone know to make sure we were all healthy and green lit! crazy!

so after the wedding… woke up on the beach and thanked god that we had a beautiful day while it was gloomy the day before our wedding and the day after…. amazing! walked right next door to shutters to have brunch with Nic’s family and that was amazing too… then got my pig on! I lost 14lbs. to fit into that damn tux! smh… after that it was fried chicken and shakey’s pizza and mojos all day long! watched the all star game and kicked it at home and watched my sister kick ass at the oscars….

I really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in life. I was so damn nervous on saturday though, that I had to drink 16 cups of water and took some valerian root!

but yesterday I woke up and was back on my grind…. fuck that, I gotta get ready for this caribbean honeymoon, so I got orders to ship and jewelry to finish!

here’s some swag shit we recently finished!

you already know if my boy Jefe is gonna ice out a black card, then he’s gonna go hard on every piece he does! this joint is huge! maybe 5″ wide? and heavy as fuck! salute!

and you know I like smaller type jewels and big stones, so we made this 6 carat VS cross with 2 rows of prong set diamonds…. the stud chain has another 16 carats on it. don’t trip!

POW! and that’s all 18k white gold!

so I guess the cats out of the bag…. my lil homey Justin Bieber called me as soon as he heard I was having a baby and sent me and Nic mad love…. he also invited me to his 18th birthday party which I guarantee will be the biggest party of the year! but I won’t be able to go due to my honeymoon so I’m a little bummed, but fuck it, I’ll see JB soon enough.

OUR KITCHEN GAME IS ON SUPER POINT! HAHAHA! I MEAN RIDICULOUS! we got the entire Breville catalog! and williams sonoma! damnnn!!!

and shout out to my boy Q from Worldstar!

who else drops $9k on a Louis Travel Jewelry case???
that’s just crazy! BOSS TO BOSS! thank you fam

btw, we didn’t spend insane money on our wedding…. but we coulda got a new S550 instead… the only thing is, there wouldn’t be the epic memories with the S550 that will last forever…. I don’t regret it. we make this money to spend it! I also think they should make it harder to get a divorce in this country. Make it harder than getting a loan. real spit.

anyways, gotta go and get ready… got a new house to get ready for and my vacation/honeymoon!

ciao bella!